They're Random, Baby!

Win a Date

Thanks to all who played along (the rules, for any who've forgotten, can be found on this page) - we've picked our 5 winners! In addition, we've posted 12 runners-up in each category; they're posted in no real order. First up, though... the winners!

First Prize: Freestyle

Aaron Bayley

First Prize: Calendar-Related

Austin Drake

First Prize: Finish The Joke

"Why did the Jackal cross the road?"
Taylor Cartwright


Random Drawing Winners

Ryan Luevanos, La Jolla, CA
Jeffrey Howe, Lubbock, TX

Winners will be contacted by AEG with their prizes - congrats, all!

Special Congratulations to the following participants, for putting multiple panels into the finals:

3 panels
Richard Heppner (Sep7imus)

2 panels
Jarrod Clarke
Matt Linzmeier
Ross Mills

All runner-up strips can be seen at the following links:

Freestyle Runners-Up | Calendar Runners-Up | Jackal Runners-Up