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July 2021 Archived News

News July 29 2021


Learn about this weekend's Infinite tech preview
This weekend, lucky invitees will get to play the first Halo Infinite tech preview. If you can't play, or want to know more, the Halo youtube channel had a livestream that has been archived here. Launch is starting to feel like it's actually within sight! (fuchsdh 16:01:04 UTC) (permalink)


News July 23 2021


Prepare for flights in this month’s Inside Infinite
The monthly Inside Infinite is out and focuses on the upcoming “technical preview” of Infinite Insider members will be able to participate in soon. Check it out for the details. (fuchsdh 23:24:17 UTC) (permalink)


News July 12 2021


Canon Fodder celebrates issue 117 with oodles of Chief content and announcements
This week's Canon Fodder is issue #117, so Grim pulled out all the stops. In addition to a ton of Chief-focused community content, there's word of a new, beefier Encyclopedia (checked over, of course, by Stephen Loftus,) and some thoughts from Claude himself on our favorite green-armored Chief. (fuchsdh 19:40:01 UTC) (permalink)

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