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Miniature Halo

At the end of November, 2003, SEspider began posting a series of comics, using Halo action figures (and Photoshop, quite nicely); he'd been mentioning these on Xbox.com's Halo forum, but on January 16, pointed them out on OUR forum. Their original home (and one that will continue to be updated) is on Geocities... but bandwidth can be tight on Geocities, and these are great, so we gave him a home here, as well. These are updated sporadically; there'll certainly be a front-page mention when a new one goes live. SEspider is happy to receive new ideas for side stories; email them to him with a subject line of 'Halo Comic'.

You can find more work by both of the artists involved here:

UPDATE: SESpider put up a request for help on November 21, 2004. Read it here.

UPDATE: SESpider began redoing early pages on August 15, 2006. We'll swap them in as we see them.

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