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Miniature Halo Call for Help

UPDATE: This note was added by SESpider on November 21, 2004.

Hey, MH readers!

As I'm sure you've noticed, the distances between the Miniature Halo pages have been getting longer and longer. for this I appologize, but let me explain. My New job keeps me VERY busy, and I have very little time to take the pictures needed for the comic. But up until 2 months ago, it was planed to have an actural REAL person in the comic protraying Linda (from a first person view) in page 26. But 2 months ago, my model's only camera broke as did mine. I only know the model through Deviantart so it's kindda hard to work around my schadule. I have yet to take pics for pages 26 and up (there'll be at least 31 pages). I acturally have to wait until I get a New model before I can take the pics of the figures.
If there are ANY Female fans out there that want to be in the comic, please contact me. You Must reach the following requirements to be elegable:

1-Cocasian (This is based off the novels' discription of Linda)
2-On the Slim side (editing WILL be done in post)
3-At least 17 years of age, but 18 is perfured.
4-Willing to take multible pics of self in a 2 peice suit for the comic. Linda is suppose to be Nude, but you will NOT be. I'll edit your pics to suit the comic.
5-You WILL most likely need a partner to help take the pics unless you have the camera on a timer.
6-Your face (apart from your eyes) will NEVER be seen
7-You must also have all of your limbs. I could digitally add them if they are missing, but it'll not be as effective.
8-Pics Must be taken if Full light area. I'll added additional lighting and shadows where needed.
9-Willing to sign a permission form for Legal reasons
10- And finally. You Must be willing to accept Payment for your contribution to the comic. At least $50

Take note: I will require submitters to send in pics to show their build and photograph abilities. This you wil not get paied for, because I will not be using those pics contact me at SEspider2@yahoo.com with Subject Line "LINDA"

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