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Hypersoldier's Cardboard Armor


And the legs.
Lower legs are pretty much done, I'm just tweaking at refining the shapes.
The upper? Well, getting there - they're proving a right pain. Need a lot of work to bulk it out a bit and get a bit of curve in the shape if possible. Going to add another plate over the top and add the secondary-colour stripe somehow.
The boots are based on a 2 pair of sandals I picked up. I want to make sure that they're plenty tough enough to handle scuffing around, so I'm going to make with a lot of coats of glue and I still haven't worked out what would work best for the heel and toeguards. Also need a bit of some kind of plasticky vinyl-ly stuff or something like that to make the bits connecting the ankle and toe pieces.
Yay, technical terms.


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