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Halo 2 Cutscene Library

In mid-December, 2004, Sniper 058 began sending in video-captured cutscenes from Halo 2. We'd been meaning to build a library of cutscenes for years - the Halo collection will eventually go online, but having a fan do most of the work goes a long way to getting new sections built here at HBO. We're going to add new cutscenes, in the order they appear in the game, every few days (depending on how bandwidth holds out). There will always be 4 flavors of each cutscene; a large (640x360) and small (320x180) version of both QuickTime and WMP9 encodings. Grab the one that best fits your situation. (There will also be a pair of download links for each vid, because bandwidth is never infinite. Please be gentle.)

Starting in early March, 2008, we've added HD versions of these cutscenes, courtesy of HaLo2FrEeEk, of Infectionist Machinima.

Update March 10, 2008:All of the 640x360 cutscenes have ALSO been re-encoded to a much higher quality, thanks to HaLo2FrEeEk. Enjoy!

  Cutscene Name Downloads
720p 360p
One Size Fits All One Size Fits All
(Contains 'The Heretic' and the opening scene from The Armory. 3:09 long.)
dwnld dwnld
71.3mb 23.5mb
Home Field Advantage Home Field Advantage
(UNSC recognition ceremony + Covenant punishment ceremony - 3:36 long)
dwnld dwnld
81.5mb 26.0mb
Return to Sender Return to Sender
(The Master Chief delivers Cairo Station's bomb to a hapless Covenant ship, then joins In Amber Clad to head to the surface. 2:54 long.)
dwnld dwnld
65.3mb 21.4mb
They'll regret that, too. They'll regret that, too.
(Master Chief, Sarge, and some ODSTs fly in to New Mombasa from In Amber Clad. 1:13 long.)
dwnld dwnld
28.1mb 9.0mb
Ladies Like Superior Firepower Ladies Like Superior Firepower
(The opening of the Metropolis Bridge Scene. Legendary Difficulty. 1:08 long.)
dwnld dwnld
24.9mb 8.6mb
  720p 360p
Ladies Like Superior Firepower (delta) Ladies Like Superior Firepower (delta)
(A 1:11 long composite, showing the single changed speech in the 'Ladies Like...' cutscene, based on difficulty setting.)
dwnld dwnld
36.8mb 11.9mb
Field Expedient Field Expedient
(The scarab collapses, Regret leaves Earth space with In Amber Clad. 1:22 long.)
dwnld dwnld
30.4mb 11.0mb
A Whisper in the Storm A Whisper in the Storm
(The making of the Arbiter. 5:40 long.)
dwnld dwnld
131.5mb 42.7mb
Juggernaut Juggernaut
(Entering the Gas Giant lab area. 0:24 long.)
dwnld dwnld
9.6mb 3.9mb
Hey, Watch this! Hey, Watch this!
(The Heretic locks out the Arbiter. 0:29 long.)
dwnld dwnld
10.7mb 3.8mb
  720p 360p
Hot Pursuit Hot Pursuit
(The Arbiter chases the Heretic to a Banshee, but loses him. 0:20 long.)
dwnld dwnld
7.8mb 2.6mb
Dead or Alive...Actually, Just Dead Dead or Alive...Actually, Just Dead
(The Arbiter makes it to another Gas Giant platform - just barely. 0:11 long.)
dwnld dwnld
4.7mb 1.5mb
The Oracle The Oracle
(The Arbiter confronts The Heretic, and learns where the heresy comes from. 1:08 long.)
dwnld dwnld
25.8mb 8.6mb
Edification Edification
(343 Guilty Spark chats with the Arbiter, Tartarus. 0:33 long.)
dwnld dwnld
11.8mb 3.8mb
Helljumpers Helljumpers
(In Amber Clad arrives at Delta Halo, sends troops to the surface. 2:30 long. This is the Legendary version of the cutscene.)
dwnld dwnld
55.7mb 19.1mb
  720p 360p
Helljumpers (delta) Helljumpers (delta)
(A short - 0:22 long - composite, showing the single changed scene in the Helljumpers cutscene, based on difficulty setting.)
dwnld dwnld
18.1mb 6.3mb
Testament Testament
(The UNSC gets a better idea of what the Prophet of Regret is up to - and what they need to do to stop him. 0:49 long.)
dwnld dwnld
19.5mb 6.2mb
One Way Ticket One Way Ticket
(MC arrives at the temple, just in time to see a huge Covenant fleet break out of slipspace. 0:23 long.)
dwnld dwnld
8.4mb 3.2mb
Sorry, Were You in the Middle of Something? Sorry, Were You in the Middle of Something?
(The final cutscene in Regret - MC fails to escape a Covenant attack, but receives aid from an unexpected source. 0:49 long.)
dwnld dwnld
18.5mb 5.8mb
Uncomfortable Silence Uncomfortable Silence
(The opening of Sacred Icon. A power shift in the Covenant, and the beginning of the hunt for a critical object. 3:41 long.)
dwnld dwnld
82.0mb 27.2mb
  720p 360p
Objects in Mirror are Larger than they Appear Objects in Mirror are Larger than they Appear
(The Arbiter and the Elite Commander discuss tactics. 0:29 long.)
dwnld dwnld
11.8mb 4.3mb
Shooting Gallery Shooting Gallery
(The race to the Index begins. 0:59 long.)
dwnld dwnld
23.1mb 7.6mb
That Old, Familiar Feeling That Old, Familiar Feeling
(Keyes retrieves the Index... but runs into trouble. So does the Arbiter. 2:11 long.)
dwnld dwnld
52.5mb 17.0mb
Inside Job Inside Job
(MC and the Arbiter meet a new friend, get new jobs. 4:39 long.)
dwnld dwnld
107.4mb 34.8mb
The Hopes and Dreams of the Covenant The Hopes and Dreams of the Covenant
(Tartarus and the Prophet of Truth make a pact. Mercy pays. 0:54 long.)
dwnld dwnld
24.0mb 7.7mb
  720p 360p
Oh, So That's How it Is Oh, So That's How it Is
(The Arbiter begins his quest for (the) Truth. 0:31 long.)
dwnld dwnld
13.1mb 4.0mb
Fight Club Fight Club
(The Spec-Ops Commander learns of the Brutes' treachery. 0:56 long.)
dwnld dwnld
21.4mb 8.3mb
Cross Purposes Cross Purposes
(MC arrives at High Charity in time to learn of the death of Mercy, and knows what his next job must be. 1:14 long.)
dwnld dwnld
28.9mb 9.3mb
Once Again, With Feeling Once Again, With Feeling
(MC heads for the Forerunner ship at the heart of High Charity. 0:40 long.)
dwnld dwnld
14.6mb 5.3mb
Your Ass, My Size-24 Hoof Your Ass, My Size-24 Hoof
(Arbiter and Spec-Ops Commander must enter the Control Room. 0:26 long.)
dwnld dwnld
9.3mb 2.9mb
  720p 360p
Backseat Driver Backseat Driver
(Sarge and Arbiter team up to stop Tartarus. 0:24 long.)
dwnld dwnld
9.0mb 3.1mb
Delusions and Grandeur Delusions and Grandeur
(Tartarus tries to get Keyes to reunite the Index with the Core... Arbiter and Sarge work to stop him. All learn the purpose of the Halos. 2:03 long.)
dwnld dwnld
46.1mb 15.6mb
Final Cutscene Final Cutscene
(Keyes rescues the Index, learns of the Ark. MC arrives at Earth. 2:15 long.)
dwnld dwnld
48.9mb 15.0mb
Credits Credits
(Game Credits. 6:36 long.)
dwnld dwnld
144.7mb 47.0mb
Post-Credits Teaser Post-Credits Teaser
(A small cinematic at the very end of the credits. Raises far more questions than it answers. 0:48 long.)
dwnld dwnld
17.5mb 5.7mb
  720p 360p

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