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The Fan Art of Tina M. Leyk

Tina Leyk has been putting fantasy and science fiction artwork on the web since at least 1998. You can find a collection of her artwork (anthropomorphic/furry art, fantasy art, science fiction work) at her Angels of Iron site. Since 2002, she's been producing Halo-related artwork, and in early 2004, her material was pointed out to us by her brother, TIm. I'm astounded that work of this quality hasn't been brought to our attention sooner - usually, the Halo community is pretty good at finding stuff like this. In any case, however, we know of her now, and we're honored that she's let us mirror her Halo-related material here at HBO. As she continues to draw, we'll continue to add to this collection. Enjoy!

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In addition to drawing, Tina also dabbles in craft-making. This can include sculptures, dreamcatchers, and plushies.
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Added 11 April 2004

Halo Fan Art | Profile Sheets | Doodles/Sketches | Crafts | Other

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