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Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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Movies and Commentary: Ogre1: 41-0

Alright, here we go.... my review of the new "ogre vid" out, MLG KOTH at Lockout. This is commonly known as the "41-0" vid. You can easily find this by searching through google, halo-pro.com, or any other big halo website that hosts videos.

The first thing Ogre does is he gets a good close range duel wield, SMG + Magnum. He then takes a fairly dangerous route, going on the long open stretch to the sniper spot. However, to reduce the danger, you'll notice a teamate going with him.

He arrives there at 0:34 and realizes the sniper is gone. He has a teamate at the lift, and teamate at the sniper zone. The enemy sniper is not in any of those places, there can only be one place left for the sniper to be. That's the BR tower. Ogre then takes the fastest route over, going straight across the map. While it is risky, his enemies are all in front of him and time is of the essence.

at 0:40 he hears his enemies voice via proximity (good addition with that Bungie), and see him on the motion tracker. Hei s either above, below, or on the same level as Ogre. Ogre can only do something about it if the guy is on his level, so he throws a nade at the doorway.

He then gets into a firefight with McGavin. Notice how Ogre puts the reticle on the enemies head, and then strafes to keep the reticle in place. He only moves his reticle up when the enemies shields go down.

After killing McGavin, he waits for his shields to go down. He sees an enemy on the radar, and checks out the most likely position, behind him. The enemy is no there, so Ogre goes to the next most likely position: the doorway. He crouchwalks to the doorway to avoid detection, and he jumps to get that bonus damage from melee. Lucky for Ogre, it is the sniper that he had been looking for. He gets that melee in, then moves out of the way of the snipers barrel, and opens fire on the enemies face.

He kills the sniper, then reloads his weapons, and goes to the top of the BR tower. Enemies are coming up the ramp (he can hear them via proximity again). He then immediately bounces grenades off the walls into their path to knock down their shields, giving him an advantage if they keep running forward. For the most part, this is most effective because it buys time. Immediately, one of his teamates runs to his aid, and they destroy the two enemies, and Ogre leaps down out of the fray. Notice how the beginning of this has been mostly about weapon control.

Ogre grabs the sword, and then takes the safest route to the top of the lift. Unfortunately, he lands on a plasma grenade. Notice where he moves. He hides behind a wall, protecting him from half the map. The other half of the map is clear, and he knows this, because this is where his teamates are. Ogre is now guarding the hill from the front entrance via sniper, and the lift entrance via sword.

Ogre watches the doors for enemies, and when he sees none, he steps out into the hill, and is immediately fired on. Instead of getting into a firefight, Ogre hides. With the sword and the sniper in his possession, the enemy can only have them if Ogre dies. He knows he is worth more than alive. Since his shields are so low, he has to fall down the sides to go underneath the lift, otherwise he would perish by any grenades thrown (and at this level of play you know there will be one).

At this point in time ( 2:04), he has the option of going back up the lift to protect the hill, or go around the long way. Going up the lift could be potential suicide, seeing as how he was seen falling down the sides, and the hill will move soon anyways, and Ogre chooses the side ramp.

He moves slowly, watching for any enemy movement before truly going out into the open. When he does see the enemy, he waits patiently near cover. He gets off a shot, but it doesn't kill him. Ogre then follows up with a few grenades, and due to the small room (and hte explosives inside), he gets a double kill. Notice how his first grenade hits near the entrance (if they were going after him) and his second goes inside the room.

He doesn't want to go near the hill, which has now moved to inside the room where he was throwing grenades, because that could mean almost certain death. He moves back into the lower level of the lift room, and sees an enemy on the radar. A teamate spawns next to him, and Ogre pulls out the sword and starts checking possible entrances while his teamate watches his back. They easily kill him, and then ogre goes up the lift, killing another with the sword. He patiently waits, and watches the motion tracker, getting several more kills with the sword from the enemy charging. Once again using the motion tracker as a primary means of finding the enemy, he gets several kills in a row.

This keeps up for a bit until his sniper runs out of ammo, and then he picks up a BR and goes to try to retrieve a new one. Notice how whenever there is the possibilty of seeing an enemy, he makes them come to him. He crouch-walks towards the sniper to hide his movement, and hten kills the enemy he find there with his sword. Notice how he jumps to avoid the common "woops, I'm flying off the level" when sword-lunging.

Immediately after picking up the sniper, he looks to the hill and snipes an enemy he finds near it. Ogre is always keeping his teamates, and the objective, in mind. He watches the hill and his teamates, and when his teamate is fired on, he attacks those who have opened fire, using the bullet streams as a means of location.

At 5 minutes into the video, the blue team has 1:49 on the clock, while red has a 0:16. Ogre has both power weapons on the map, and is guarding the fastest route to the hill (the center) and the most common way to get there (the lift), and it is working out great. At only 5 minutes, Ogre has already gotten an "Overkill" and has 0 deaths.

The hill then moves to the center, which is very good for Ogre, but not for his teamates, which get quickly kills. Ogre, instead of trying to play hero, keep to his role as the sniper, and keeps himself alive. He runs out of sniper ammo, and replaces that rifle with a BR. He patiently watches the map, waiting for the sniper to respawn, when he sees an opportunity to easily kill an enemy with a sword lunge. He leaps down, killing said enemy, then immediately goes to cover, and saves a teamate. He then wastes no time to running back up to the sniper rifle and switching out his BR, and assuming his original position.

The hill moves, and so does Ogre. He almost loses it in the tunnel, but luckily the enemy either died, or didn't have any grenades. However, when it seems Ogre is in the clear, he is suddenly plagued by members of the red team. Ogre jumps and sword lunges, killing an enemy and going up through the lift in one fluid motion. He then kills the remaining enemy as he comes up the lift, and then Ogre once again resumes his original role and walks towards a location from which he can watch the hill.

However, once he starts moving, he sees an enemy walk by, and a grenade is thrown at him. Ogre immediately goes up the lift to saftey, and gets a kill from an unsuspecting enemy who is crouch walking to the hill.

At 7:10, the blue team has 2:15, while the red team has 1:00. The blue team has lost a bit of their lead, but they are still up by a modest 1 minute and 15 seconds.

After Ogre kills the crouch walker, the hill moves. Ogre sits and waits in saftey, taking as many shots as he can, and watching the lift. There are only two ways to get to the hill, and Ogre is watching one. There are only two ways to get to Ogre, and he has both of them sedcurely covered.

The hill then moves to the center, bottom floor. A bad spot when you want to cover the hill. Ogre can do little here, and it would be foolish for him to go down, so he sits and waits. When his teamates are no longer in the room, he throws a few grenades and manages to kill the enemy inside.

The hill then moves to the lift room, and Ogre moves away from there as fast as possible, moving to the sniper tower to cover it. Ogre is in one spot, the hill and his teamates in another. It makes it very hard for the opposing team. Ogre effectively watches the lift, and his teamates watch the hill and the center. One teamate is watching Ogres back, so if he dies, Ogre knows to book it.

The sniper rifle runs out of ammo, and Ogre can't just move out to the open, so he waits for an enemy to come. Since the hill is right underneath him, that will happen. He grabs the enemies BR after a quick kil, and waits with his sword. Anyone taking the shortcut will die. Ogre almost eats it from three members of the red team coming after him, but they are surprised and die easily to the powerful energy sword.

It is now 12:00 into the game, 4:51 for blue, only 9 seconds from victory, and 1:44 for red. It is almost a sure defeat for red, but now for anyone watching this game it's all about watching Ogre, and watching him get 41-0. Ogre stays in position and waits for the game to be over, moving only when he was under attack.

The hill is finally controlled by the blue team for that remaining one second, and the blue team wins by a large margin, but the real surprising factor here is that Ogre finishes a KOTH game, 41-0, and never once loses control of the power weapons.

Ogre1 plays with the "spider" playstyle (read about them in my guide to know what I'm talking about). Notice how Ogre's good play isn't how well he can aim, and isn't how much of a hero he can be, but his mind. He uses stealth and outsmarts his opponents time and time again.

He also very obviously plays for the benefit of his team. He keeps himself alive; that is his main goal, because if he dies, the enemy gets both the sniper and the sword. Notice how in the first few minutes, Ogre is less stealthy, and instead rushes into battle and across the map doing everything he can to get the sniper rifle so he can take on that role. He is very much a "wolf" in this sense, and he relies on his teammates to get him out of tough jams as much as they rely on him.

It was amazing to me watching this video, since the main factor in his game wasn't glitches, wasn't spectacular aim, but was the way he thinks. It was like watching him play children; the way the enemy was outsmarted every time, again and again.

Even though this video is superb, Ogre 1 himself has stated that "it wasn't really anything. He got lucky, he just HAPPENED to go 41-0, and if you really want to see some action, buy MLG's VOD". I can vouch for that. I've purchased VoD, and it is worth every penny. It's cheap, enjoyable, and helps you a lot.

Good job Ogre1, and I hope to see more videos soon.

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