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Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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Warthog (Be sure to check out the Movie on this subject, too)

The warthog has three seats, each with a different purpose.

Driver Seat-
This is where the driver goes. The driver drives. That's what he does. He is responsible for giving the gunner the best possible angle, and for keeping the passenger out of view of enemy snipers. He should never flip the hog unless impossible to do otherwise, and he should always be mindful of their destination.

Passenger Seat-
This is where the passenger goes. He does nothing but announce to the driver and gunner where enemies are. He is generally only there to grab the objective item (such as a flag or bomb). The passenger should NEVER give orders to the driver, only give him information that will persuade the driver to take certain actions.

Gunner Seat-
This is where your bloodthirsty maniacally laughing joy-sucking hellspawn goes. He shoots the limbs off of opponents, creates diversions, gives cover, and tells the driver what he sees, since he as a 360 view of their surroundings. The gunner never gives orders, but gives information that will persuade the driver to take certain actions.

using the chain hog

The chain hog is making it's second game run, coming from halo 1. In Halo 2, it is much more effective, not necessarily due to hog changes, but to changes in the game itself.

  1. Have Rocket, will drive

    Since Rockets don't respawn (thanks Bungie) unless the person who has them drops them AND they are empty, it is very hard to kill vehicles if your team doesn't have the rocket launcher.

    Taking this into account, it is probably a good idea if your driver grabs the rockets, and then goes back to the driver seat. Then, his gunner and he can wreck havok all day without dying, because NOTHING can kill a warthog other than rockets if the driver is good and has a trusty gunner.

    Sniping someone out of a warthog is not the easiest thing in the world (you can tell by seeing people get excited when it happens), so the danger to your group is relatively small, especially since other vehicles can't really go toe-to-toe with the warthog and win.

  2. Give me an Angle! Right! Perfect! Obtuse!

    The angle that the driver gives a gunner is important. Very very important. Driver, try playing some split screen games, where you are the driver, and the guy with you is the gunner. Watch his screen, and see how your movements let him fire.

  3. Warm up yer guns

    With the chain hog, you'll notice that the gun takes a moment or two to "warm up". This is very important, because you have to really start firing BEFORE you need to. That, or keep it firing nonstop to begin with.

    You have to really be aware of this, because if you start shooting too late, all you are going to do is peck at them a bit, and give them warning so they can hide. That's like screaming "I'M COMING CLOSER TO YOU! I'M LOADING MY GUN! I'VE TAKEN OFF THE SAFTEY! I'M AIMING AND LEADING SLIGHTLY TO THE RIGHT!"

    It's not smart.

  4. Piggyback riding

    While some people don't like it, riding on a warthog can be fun AND helpful.

    I will, quite often, ride with 4 people on a warthog. Sometimes 5. Driver, passenger, gunner, and one or two people riding on top. This can be helpful for transporting an offense when playing CTF or Assault.

playing against the chain hog

  1. Rockets

    Easy enough. Lock on. Blow it up.

  2. Sticky Nades

    Easier said than done, but throwing a sticky nade onto the warthog can really put a stop in the enemies tracks.

  3. Hit and run

    With the chain hog, it takes a good 2-3 seconds of nonstop firing at full speed for you to die a bullet-ridden death, assuming you don't get hit by every bullet. This means that you cannot kill a hog by yourself, unless you get a lucky shot with a sniper rifle, or you have rockets. However, if you attack with teamates, you can hide when your shields are down, and their shields won't. It's pretty effective if your entire team all focuses on their gunner at the same time, and there is a low possibility of danger if you are using BR's.

  4. Prioritize

    Know what is more important. The gunner is important, and must be killed. If you are brain-numb during games, than go for the gunner.

    However, there are other times where the gunner is not the big threat.

    Sometimes the passenger is holding something you want (i.e., a bomb, flag, rocket launcher, sniper, etc.) and he should die.

    Sometimes it is best to kill the driver, because he is transporting a small army to your base, and killing the driver creates a lot of confusion and lost time.

  5. Weak spot

    The weak spot is the tires. It doesn't make TOO much of a difference, but the weak spot is the tires. It's smarter to aim for the people in the hog though.

using the gauss hog

The gauss hog is similar to the chain hog in every way except for the gun. So a lot of the same rules apply, and I'm not going to repeat them. You can figure it out, I'm sure.

  1. Accuracy over Chaos

    Know your role. Sometimes you are to be the marksman, sometimes you are to be the clammoring demon.

    When it is Accuracy over Chaos, it is generally in team slayer games.

    It only takes one shot to kill an enemy, so you shouldn't just fire randomly. Doing that will only INCREASE your chances of missing. Aim steady, then fire. You can hit them anywhere and kill them in one shot.

  2. Chaos over Accuracy

    When it is Chaos over Accuracy, it is generally in team skirmish games.

    Sometimes it isn't as profitable to kill your enemy. That may sound dumb, but sometimes it is best to be the guy screaming "LOOK AT ME!" so that your teamates taking the trail on the opposite side of the map can go through unscathed. Or maybe your teamates are sipping tea in the hill while you are in your warthog, assaulting the enemy with a barrage of fiery death.

    Generally, you want to keep the enemy trapped, or busy, so that your teammates can do their thing.

fighting the gauss hog

  1. Le Blam

    Rockets, sniper, sticky nades. Take out the gunner.

  2. Please oh please oh please

    Hide behind a corner, wait for the hog to come, then grab the driver or the gunner out. It's hard, it takes luck, but an option it is.

  3. Piss yourself

    Hide. Hide indoors. Really, this works. Get inside with all your teamates, and force them to come to you.

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