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Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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[Personal Questions]

To start off the interview, tell me a bit about yourself. What do you like to do, how old your are, what are your hobbies, etc.

I don't have a lot of hobbies, I am a senior in high school (yes i do plan on going to college) and I just hang out with my friends.

What was the first video game you really got into?

When I was about 4 years old, my dad bought my brother and I a NES (nintendo entertainment system). It came with the Super Mario Bros/Duck hunt video game. Thats how gaming started for me.

How much time do you spend playing halo 2?

If I am not practicing with my team I don't play alot of halo unless it is a few games of MM on the side. I watch alot of VOD though to pick up strats and tricks.

Do you ever get bored of it?

I got so bored of Halo that I recently took a two week break from it

Do you play any other video games?

Yea, I am pretty much an old school gamer, I enjoy the classics alot. I am a big capcom fan, RE and DMC are great games along with Megaman. I also enjoy Zelda games alot, I also enjoy some oldschool square games like Chrono trigger SNES, Mario RPG SNES, and FF3. I am sure there are many other games but I don't want to keep rambling.

Out of all the players you've met, who do you think is the best halo 2 player in the world?

Player in the world? Hmmmm, its so tough. It'd have to be one of the Ogres and they both have their moments. They both have different playing styles and their teamwork is unreal. Sometimes I am just amazed at how well they kill me, they both challenge me and just when I think I am going to win the battle they destroy me.

[Halo specific questions]

How did you get so good at Halo?

I used to LAN halo 1 at a LAN center called VGA. It was right next to my high school and I played there alot with some awesome players. Mack, Defy, Quake, Benz, A3, Stunna(lunatic), Burns, Gandhi, xcjRex, and Thor. We Lanned pretty much every weekend almost in the summer of 04 and it was alot of fun. Occasionally I lanned with MoD, RoS, Lordz, Strange Purple, and DM Ryu and Saiyan. I learned alot just watching them play. We were all solid at the game just we never got into the scene until the beginning of halo 2.

If someone wanted to get better at Halo, what advice would you give them?

Practice and learn from your mistakes, ask yourself why you lost and admit that your mistakes could have altered that loss then fix your mistakes.

What is the most important part of being a good halo player?

Teamwork, dedication, ability to learn and listen.

I was at Nashville, and I saw firsthand how you dominated in every single section of the tournament. First place across the board. How do you pull something like that off?

Yea, I didn't actually think I was going to win the ffa, prior to MLG Nashville I had gotten top 4 four times throughout the season. I got 2 seconds a third and a fourth, my plans in ffa is just to advance not to win it. At nashville I saw Mack in first and I just didn't want him to win and somehow beat him. My first day of LAN was played with Mack and him and his friend absolutely destroyed me at VGA eventually I got better at halo 1 then him and ever since then its been hard losing to a VGA kid (no offense to mack, you're still nasty bro). Then in the 2v2 defy and I were grabbing some grub and we came back and Mack and Gandhi decided to regester as a team even though I was going to team with Gandhi. So defy and I (pretty much the worst 2v2 at vga) entered in as a joke and won the whole thing. The h2 4v4 was just a given we expected to win just because IGS, TMG, and 3d were not present at the tournament.

Right now there are three main teams in everyones minds; TmG, 3D, and iGS. You are certainly top team material, and would have no problem ever proving it. Do you ever find it hard to get a team of good players that can compete at that level, since many of the other good players are already set in their own team?

Yes, I really do find it hard to get back in the top 3 spot when all the top teams are present. At vegas we didn't win a game versus IGS but we had some close games. It was pretty much the same at STL, IGS had shockwave and he just rapes way to hard to lose to my team. Were gonna give it our all in the conferences and in the championships to get back into the top 3 spot when all four teams are present.

What is your favorite map?


What is your favorite weapon?


What is your favorite gametype, and how do you go about winning it?

Lockout ball or middy TS. Lockout ball I hold BR tower, and in midship pinning the opposing team into Red(light) base or Blue(dark) base. This gametype involves alot of clutch BR kills and alot of team shooting.

I've commented several times before to anyone who would listen that you have one of the best BRs out there. Your BR is always incredibly smooth, almost like it is magnatized to the enemy's head. How would you tell someone to go about doing this? What steps could they take to get on that track?

Honestly, I learned that its really not the BR, its the strafes. I memorized some strafes for different situations.

Who would you consider to be some of the most amazing players out there?

Saiyan is an amazing role player and very hard to kill, I learn alot just from watching him play. Walshy is a great objective player and he is a great strategic player. Shockwave is an amazing player overall and is best next to the ogres in my opinion. Defy is a great team player and hes one of the only players I have trouble with in BR battles. Fonzi and Zyos are also very good team and objective players. Cpt Anarchy is another unique team player and is a very good mainslayer. Strongside impresses me with his ffa performance and his overrall skill.

What do you plan to do with your gaming career in the future?

I am currently an instructor at www.gaming-lessons.com and I am gonna stick with gaming as a side job for awhile. I really want to stay on top of my ffa points so I am going to attend the next 4 and final MLG events and keep my points high and hopefully take first in ffa at theend of the season.

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