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Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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[Personal Questions]

To start off the interview, tell me a bit about yourself. What do you like to do, how old your are, what are your hobbies, etc.

My name is Austin Davis and I am 17 years old. I live in Towson, MD with vashter pwnzor. I play basketball and lacrosse competitively at my school.

What was the first video game you really got into?

I played most games on all the different consoles growing up. The first game I played obsessively was probably Perfect Dark on the N64. I would play at my friend's house on split screen for hours. The best thing about that game was the Farsight gun. Most disgusting gun ever.

How much time do you spend playing halo 2?

I play probably 3-5 hours a day. I usually work at night and I have school during the day so I get on around 10 pm and play until I'm tired. Do you ever get bored of it? Yeah, I definitely get bored of the game sometimes. When I don't have a team for the upcoming MLG tournaments is when i am most bored of it. I hate playing then because I can only play in custom games with random people which is incredibly frustrating.

Do you play any other video games?

Before halo 2 came out i played madden seriously. in baltimore there is alot of top madden players so i played in alot of money games and the lan center VGA

Out of all the players you've met, who do you think is the best halo 2 player in the world?

Right now I would say Shockwave is the best individual Halo 2 player in the world. He always puts up amazing stats and he is never an easy kill in game

What does your family think about all of your publicity and halo playing?

My mom supports me for the most part since I am making a lot more money then I am spending on tournaments. she can't get on me for playing video games too much since I still play two sports and am pretty active.

[Halo specific questions]

How did you get so good at Halo?

I stumbled across a lan center called VGA in my city about two years ago and started playing halo for fun on weekends. People like Benz and A 3 who were into the competitive halo scene at the time taught me and vash how to play halo 1. Since I got into the halo 1 scene so late, I really was determined to become a top player when halo 2 came out. I guess just playing with people better then me and practicing made me good.

If someone wanted to get better at Halo, what advice would you give them?

Playing with people better then you is key because you can pick up on things that they do in game. every game you can learn something new such as a jump, nade, or strat.

What is the most important part of being a good halo player?

Awareness. Knowing what's going on at all times during the game and making in game decisions that put your team in a better position to win. And being amazing doesn't hurt either.

You are a good player, without a doubt, but when most people hear of the player "Mack", they respond with "Who is that". Why do you think you are so low-key on the radar, and do you think that will change?

I guess I am so low key on the radar because I'm not on one of the big 3 teams which would be tmg, 3d, and igs. I think the people who watch my games know that I'm good but not too many people have seen me play I guess. hopefully after the MLG conferences and national championships people might recognize my name a little bit more.

What is your favorite map?

My favorite map would be Midship because it a balanced map that involves alot of teamwork. Almost every gametype (Team slayer, ctf, koth, oddball, neutral bomb) play really well on middy.

What is your favorite weapon?

Favorite weapon would definitely be the rockets. I'm pretty good at controlling the rockets especially on Ivory Tower. Having the rockets makes me feel safe and I dont think I can be killed when I have them.

What is your favorite gametype, and how do you go about winning it?

Midship ctf is the best gametype because it requires a lot of coordination and teamwork. the best way to play middy ctf is to get the other team on spawn and run the flag either carbine or pink side. Depending on which way you run the flag, the other team is going to spawn on the other side. then u have a guy either flank behind their spawn and shoot them from behind as they try to run to your base or choke both of the side spawns so they spawn at their base again.

What do you plan to do with your gaming career in the future?

I plan on playing video games competitively as long as I can. Tournaments like MLG are only getting bigger so I think it would be unwise to stop playing now.

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