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Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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[Personal Questions]

To start off the interview, tell me a bit about yourself. What do you like to do, how old you are, what are your hobbies, etc.

To start off my name is David Walsh and I'm a 21 year old college student that lives in Grand Rapids, MI. I go to college at Grand Rapids Community College and am transferring to Grand Valley State University in Fall 06 in pursuit of a business degree. Besides School, Halo, and friends I occasionally play Tennis or Disc Golf when the weather is good.

What was the first video game you really got into?

I played most of the old school nintendo games and stuff like that. But, as far as competitive play I'd say the first game I got into was Counter Strike for PC. I used to play that when I was too tired when I'd get out of either Tennis or Wrestling practice and didn't feel like going out.

How much time do you spend playing halo 2?

It depends, some days I'll play non stop and end up playing anywhere between 4-8hours. Other days I won't play at all or just a couple games for fun. It usually depends how far away a tournament is, 2-3 weeks before a tournament I probably play 20-25 hours a week.

Do you ever get bored of it?

Sometimes, thats why usually right after a tournament I try to take the following week off if there isn't an upcoming tournament.

Do you play any other video games? (elaborate especially on this if possible)

I probably play other games less than 5 hours a month on average. It's not that other games aren't as fun as Halo or I don't like them as much. I find as much enjoyment out of the competitive aspect of the game compared to the actual game/gameplay itself.

Out of all the players you've met, who do you think is the best halo 2 player in the world?

Excluding teammates, I'd have to say that Shockwave and Sergio really stand out. But, if I had to choose one, I guess I'd say Shockwave because he does some ridiculous charges and somehow manages to get away with it.

You and I have one thing in common; we both generally play with our shoes off. Where did you get this quirk from?

It just sort of made sense to me since whenever I'm playing at home I have my shoes off. Basically, I try to get as comfortable as possible when I'm about to play a tournament match which includes taking off my shoes, emptying my pockets and sometimes throwing on a sweatshirt if I'm cold.

What does your family think about all of your publicity and halo playing?

They are extremely supportive, I had always sort of had gaming as a hobby before since I was always busy with other things like work or sports. But, when I realized that I was making more money during the summer by going to tournaments compared to working 60+ hours a week at the Post Office I knew that this was more than a hobby.

How the hell do you tell the Ogres apart?


[Halo specific questions]

How did you get so good at Halo?

I think practicing with top players all the time is a huge factor in where I'm at today.

If someone wanted to get better at Halo, what advice would you give them?

Don't expect a change overnight and practicing with the best people you know.

Whenever I've watched 3D's games on VoD, you've always been a high scorer in kills, regardless of the gametype. Do you consider it your goal to be a "slayer" most of the time in your games?

Well I'm focusing on map control for the most part until I control the objective (ball/hill). Some people assume a team has to have a person who charges the objective the whole time which is somewhat true, but if you are literally just charging the objective you won't be much help to the team compared to taking smarter routes and getting a couple kills first.

What is the most important part of being a good halo player?

Always trying to improve.

Your team was beaten by TmG. It sounds weird to say, since your team dominated for so long, but it happened. You haven't actually met up at an MLG yet, and Philly was a unique tournament being all slayer. Do you feel confident in your ability to beat them in the next MLG?
(Editors note: I actually wrote this question before the most recent tournament that 3D won, but Zyos was not on TmG's roster so I believe this question still stands)

There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. We will come into every event expecting to win and that may sound cocky, but if you go in thinking otherwise you will lose.

What is your favorite map?

Midship, almost any gametype can be played on it and it's always fast paced games.

What is your favorite weapon?

I'm really into the BR, there are so many small tricks with it and might as well learn them all with the weapon you have the most.

What is your favorite gametype, and how do you go about winning it?

CTF on Midship is always a good one. I think the key to winning this one is setting up before the flag is even grabbed, some people grab the flag and either start running one of the sides or toss it bottom middle when they should know a safe way to take it before grabbing it.

What do you plan to do with your gaming career in the future?

I plan on doing this for as long as I can while I attend college. Alot of it depends where gaming goes in the future. Competitive console gaming has been growing so fast and it could be the next big mainstream hit.

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