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Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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[Personal Questions]

To start off the interview, tell me a bit about yourself. What do you like to do, how old your are, what are your hobbies, etc.

My name is Eric Hewitt. I am a 17 year old Senior in high school. I like to play video games, hang out with friends, and I also got a job at Quizno's. I love to play CS 1.6 and Halo 1/2.

What was the first video game you really got into?

The first game I ever really got into was Goldeneye for N64. Everyday after school in the 6th grade, me, my brother and 2 friends would go over my friend's house down the street and play Goldeneye. Since it was our first year of language, we called them Bondjours. We played until 6 almost every day. We either played Complex/Golden Gun, or Facility. Those levels destroyed.

How much time do you spend playing halo 2?

I used to play Halo 2 all the time. I played from November 9th until around January, but it started getting boring. Then, someone introduced me to MLG and it was an entire new game. I played for awhile and started working my wap up with who I played with. I was a nobody in Halo 1 'cause I didn't go to tournaments and hardly played XBC. Then one day, on mIRC, I saw Walshy idling #mlg. I messaged him about a f/r and he said sure, and accepted. Then, one sleepover at my friend's house, it was 5 o'clock in the morning and he sent me and invite. I almost sh*t my pants. I 2v2'ed with Hotshy, PaCMaYnE and Ronin Riot for a couple games. I learned SO much from just 4-5 games with them. After these couple games, I kept working harder and harder, and playing more and more. However, around March, Halo 2 started getting boring again, so I started playing less and less. Even before Philly I hardly played, yet placed 9th-12th with a team I never played with. Afterwards, I hardly play at all. I might play for fun, but I mostly just talk online or do other things. The only time I have fun playing is with an actual team. I can't stand playing with randoms anymore after having a team.

Do you play any other video games? (elaborate especially on this if possible)

I now juggle between Counter-Strike 1.6, Halo 2, and the occasional Halo 1. I love playing CS 'cause I played it on and off for 1-2 years. Even though it's a PC game, I am still good at it, and it is like the Halo 1 of PC FPSs. I now play with PisToL, BiggY, Hiro, and some other unknown Halo players. For Halo 1, I did play it for 3 years, and I do have a good pistol, I just never had VoD or went to tournaments, so I am kind of behind on strategy. But I love going to CyberConxion, a LAN center in Wayne, NJ, to play Halo 1 with Nexy, Insidi0us, RotateMan, and Adam. Hardly anyone plays anymore, so it's kind of hard to play, especially during the school year.

Out of all the players you've met, who do you think is the best halo 2 player in the world?

I have only met most players online, but I think the best Halo player is Walshy. He is the kindest and most down-to-earth elite player I've ever met. Even though Tom, Dan, and Zyos are nice guys, you have to "know" them to be friendly with them. Once you meet someone at an MLG, in person, everything kind of falls into place.

What does your family think about all of your publicity and halo playing?

My Mom supports me with my gaming. She always wants school to come first, which is what a parent wants. Since I want to go to LA, I have to do some college application work first. So, even though she supports me, she sometimes tells me to get off for a little while or so. My parents are divorced, so my dad doesn't live with me. He doesn't promote it, but he doesn't say it's bad. He's neutral on it. He always wants school to come first also.

[Halo specific questions]

How did you get so good at Halo?

Practice, practice, practice. Even though Natural talent is the majority of skill at video games, the more you practice, the more you learn and better understand the game and its tweaks. VoD. VoD is one of the greatest inventions ever. You learn SO much from just watching one game. You learn how all of the top players play the game. It gives you such an advantage over others, it's ridiculous.

I met you in matchmaking a few days after halo 2 came out, and we've been on each others Friend lists since. Since then, you've gotten to the top tier of players, and are a great player. While I'm still not bad, you still passed me up even though we were basically equal when we started. What is it that you think you did different?

Lol, I remember reading your entire NSCS guide on Bungie.net. I showed it to friends, and was amazed at how much it helped me. However, even though you knew what to do, you never worked that hard on putting it into action. I think it's that I was more focused on winning and progressing than you were. I worked towards getting better, while you worked with your friends. As you start playing with better and better people, you have to start sacrificing people you used to play with. I probably have 9 people on my list that I USED to play with. The rest are people I play with nowadays. But I always will feel connected to those kids that I got started with. They showed me the ropes, so I show them respect, even if they are worse than me.

If someone wanted to get better at Halo, what advice would you give them?

Watch VoD, get a set, good team, and PRACTICE. Practice = perfect.

You're a very big "unknown" in the halo scene. Most of the people reading this interview don't know who you are. Do you plan on trying to make yourself more well known, or would you prefer to hide in the shadows and just try to sneak your way into the top 3?

Well most people know who I am, they just don't think I'm that much of a top tier player. I still have a lot to learn, and even got some advice from Cpt Anarchy a couple days ago. There's so much to learn about teamwork in Halo 2. In Halo 1, there wasn't a skill cap; in Halo 2, there isn't a teamwork cap.

What is the most important part of being a good halo player?

The most important part of people a good halo player is having fun. You won't want to be dedicated to a team unless you have fun. I still get adrenaline rushes when I play and go no disgusting killing sprees.The most important part of people a good halo player is having fun. You won't want to be dedicated to a team unless you have fun. I still get adrenaline rushes when I play and go no disgusting killing sprees.

Most players that have played with you, including pros, have all pretty much agreed you are a great player. Since you know you're top material, what do you plan to do for future tournaments?

For future tournaments, I plan on trying to team with better people and getting more well-known amongst the MLG fan base. I still get those random friend requests, so I know I'm doing something right. ;-)

What is your favorite map?

My favorite map is Midship because you need constant teamwork to keep control and the lead.

What is your favorite weapon?

My favorite weapon is the BR. I love the versatility with the update. It's like a pistol, but just not good enough.

Most people excel in different areas of the game, whether it be sniping, hill control, ball control, slaying, surviving, whatever. You, more than most of the other people I've played, seem to have covered all your bases and are generally well adjusted across the board. Was this intentional, or did it just work out that way?

Thanks for the complement, basically it just worked out that way. I am more of a slayer, but not a weapon whore. I tend to "peppering" the other team, but you'll hardly ever catch me in a REAL game with a sword or snipe.

What is your favorite gametype, and how do you go about winning it?

My favorite gametype is Midship Team Slayer. Even though KOTH on Midship is fun, once a team gets control, it is hard to retaliate. Especially a good team.

What do you plan to do with your gaming career in the future?

I plan on keep playing Halo 2 and whatever other game appeals to me. Thanks for the interview OS. Peace biatch!


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