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The information included on these pages has not been updated since 2002. It pertains to Halo: Combat Evolved.

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While we'd love to provide all of you with unlimited bandwidth and space for everything you can think of to submit, we are limited in our resources, and so need to create some basic rules. The main one is that if the trick already exists in our collection, and your submission adds nothing of substance, we aren't going to be able to post it. (For example, if you send us a bunch of pics of all the vehicles on Blood Gulch stuffed into a base, we're going to have to pass - it's been done. If you send us pictures of a Ghost (or a lot of Ghosts) on top of the Blood Gulch 'Tower'... we'll pass on that, too. However, if you can send us a shot of a Scorpion on the Tower, we'd be happy to post it.)

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Submitter Content Submission Date Media
DT_Spike Blood Gulch Vehicle Collection 12 December 2001
DT_Spike puts as many vehicles on top of the Blood Gulch Bases as he can. Since these pictures were taken, folks have managed to put a pair of Scorpions up there, too... but Spike was the first to document the practice.
Ben Kane/Greg Mouland Halo Exploration 7 January 2002
Ben and Greg have spent many hours getting to the 'top' of the solo levels; places Bungie never really expected you to go. In many cases, the areas aren't even textured. It's fun to push the limits!
Brizzle Blood Gulch Vehicle Antics 15 January 2002
Brizzle sends in good pictures of the Blood Gulch base rather filled with vehicles, including a Scorpion tank. He includes a nice shot of the tank in a position which is nearly immune to snipers while still being able to be used as an offensive weapon.
Johnnycab & MuFF DaDDy Ghost in the Mach - erm, Tree 16 January 2002
Some ghostly fun (as Johnnycab puts it...); Ghosts (and even a Warthog) up in a tree on Blood Gulch. That's how my sister drives...
Enzyver/Scoot Hill Banshee Tutorial 21 January 2002
Wondering how to get that first Banshee down on Assault on the Control Room? Here's a pictorial walkthrough!
Tom Wittman Up in a Tree 21 January 2002
The bases on Blood Gulch have trees out in front - Tom and friends managed to put a body or two (breathing, and not) up in the branches. Not bad!
Mark Levin Video Banshee Tutorial 22 January 2002
Mark Levin gives us a 7 MB, 1:30-long movie (QT format) showing the takedown of the first Assault on the Control Room Banshee (the same one covered by Enzyver, above, in stills). Worth watching if you're having trouble bringing it down! (He shows multiple locations for shooting.)

Update: Several people have written in to point out that a much easier way to take this Banshee down is to simply fire a rocket up into the bottom of the platform - the impact will force the Banshee off after a shot or two. No aiming required. :)
Mark Levin Video 'Lone Marine on GS' Tutorial 23 January 2002
Another one from Mark - this time it's a 4.7 meg, 1-minute movie showing how to get to the top of 343 Guilty Spark by using the dropship. You also get a good view of the 2D trees, and Mendoza (before Mark so callously beats him to death). Check it out!
Cal Sidewinder Tricks 25 January 2002
Floating jeeps, and a Scorpion up pretty high... Sidewinder gets some flying vehicles!
Mark Levin Video Banshee-on-Bridge-Boost Tutorial 26 January 2002
Mark keeps filming 'em - 2.1 MB and 20 seconds is all it takes to show you the easiest way to a Banshee on the natural bridge on the Assault on the Control Room level. (As an added bonus, Mark shows what NOT to do after you get the Banshee.)
Amechwarrior Climbing Out of Blood Gulch 27 January 2002
Do the walls of Blood Gulch look too steep for you to climb? They're not...
TitaniumPez Stuffing the Sidewinder Cave 28 January 2002
How much hardware can fit in a single cave? More than you might think...
Metafire Getting to the Tower in Blood Gulch 29 January 2002
Another technique for climbing out of the Blood Gulch gravity well... this one involves some tank fire and careful timing, but the results are worth it.
Team 7HR33 Silent Cartographer Antics 30 January 2002
Team 7HR33 turns in a nice little movie showing how to DESCEND from the top of Silent Cartographer... with s7yle.
R.G. On Top of Silent Cartographer 30 January 2002
A collection of breathtaking views from the upper reaches of Silent Cartographer... and a 100-second movie showing EXACTLY how to get up there.
Cal On Top of Damnation 30 January 2002
Cal's back, this time with some shots from the top of Damnation. Wouldn't you like to know how to get up to those sniper spots?
Phear X Rocket Jumping on Sidewinder 30 January 2002
Phear X turns in a nifty little demo of how to get to a precarious but sneaky sniper perch on Sidewinder. Pics for the bandwidth-impaired, a movie (not local to HBO) for those who can handle it.
Cal Blood Gulch Tower 31 January 2002
Step-by-step instructions for getting to the towering rock outcrop on Blood Gulch - no rockets or tanks needed!
Cal Stuffing the Blood Gulch Base 1 February 2002
In answer to EGM's challenge (putting all the vehicles inside a Blood Gulch base), Cal has created this series - yes, he managed to get BOTH tanks in there. Check the last pic - the Halo physics engine WILL complain if you push it too hard.
Aaron Suhr Master Chief's Quality Used War Machines 1 February 2002
Insanity sets in, as Aaron decides to collect as many vehicles as possible in one location. Current count is 30, though a perusal of our forum would suggest that this is only a prelimnary total - now that he's shown folks what to do, the REAL limits will be examined.
Doum and Pat The First Assault Bridge 2 February 2002
Doum and Pat have put together a series of films showing how to get off the first bridge in 'Assault on the Control Room', in coop mode... and make it down alive.
Metafire Above Silent Cartographer 3 February 2002
How to get to the top of Silent Cartographer (without explosives), plus some explosive-aided shots.
Metafire Climbing Truth and Reconciliation 3 February 2002
Getting to the top of Truth and Reconciliation... with the help of a Shade.
Metafire Assault on the Control Room Exploration 3 February 2002
Another vehicle collection (and the process of making it), with a few side tidbits.
Metafire Pelican Enter 3 February 2002
Wow -actually riding the second pelican on Assault on the Control Room!
Spike Lee Standing that Tank Up 6 February 2002
Someone else puts a Scorpion on end... pretty funny to see!
TitaniumPez Scorpion Launching 6 February 2002
Unhappy you have to abandon that Scorpion on Assault on the Control Room? Now you don't need to! Bring it with you...
R.G. Warthog Jump 6 February 2002
One of the coolest films to come along - this shows, among other things, how to build up a pile of explosives (in SP mode), how to get hangtime on a jeep, and how to make people laugh themselves silly.
Cal Sidewinder Base Stuffing 7 February 2002
4 Ghosts and 2 Warthogs, stuffed onto the second floor of a Sidewinder base - with some fun 'getting-stuck-in-ladderwells' action!
Eleet Ops Faction Out of Halo 7 February 2002
Completely OUT of the map Halo - as far as I know, this hasn't been done yet. (On top of some of the hills, yes - but not into the untextured areas.) These guys have pushed the engine to its limits; all motion stops up here.
Merciless/LiqUidPhiRe Below Silent Cartographer 9 February 2002
Squeezin' a hog down to the map room... you get some pretty bizarre views on the way down!
Bat 21/Longstreet Below Silent Cartographer 11 February 2002
More pictures from the Map Room of Silent Cartographer... but this time, there are some jeep antics going on!
Metafire On Top of Halo 11 February 2002
A pictoral essay showing how to get to the waterfall on Halo... and a study of a very intriguing mystery.
Nemesis_007 Sidewinder Sneak 12 February 2002
A neat little exploit, showing how to use a Halo physics glitch to your advantage on Sidewinder. No more long hauls...
Nemesis_007/Metafire Climbing to the top of Keyes 13 February 2002
Two forum regulars team up to get to the top of Keyes... and melee the Truth and Reconciliation!
Metafire Exploring the Inside of Keyes 13 February 2002
Touching the ceiling of Keyes... that's some pretty impressive jumping!
Samuel Huang Banshee at the Start of AotCR 17 February 2002
The first submitted pics of a Banshee inside the initial shaft of Attack on the Control Room. Nice!
Various Frozen Stuff 25 February 2002
Fun and games with a reproducible glitch in Halo, from a variety of sources!
Metafire AotCR Bridge Climb in Single Player 26 February 2002
Climbing down that first bridge has been a couple of times... in coop. Before now, it's NEVER been done in single player mode. (In fact, many said it WASN'T POSSIBLE. They weren't counting on pinpoint placement of furniture with plasma grenades...)
Johnnycab & MuFF DaDDy Falling Down 26 February 2002
What happens when two objects try to occupy the same space at the same time? Well, at least you don't end up with a mutated Jeff Goldblum...
Metafire The Blue Beam That Kills 26 February 2002
On Halo, there are three mysterious beams of blue energy that fire into the sky. Two are harmless. One's... not.
Metafire/Legolas Getting to the bottom of the Security Shaft 27 February 2002
Legolas described this descent (the first into the SECOND of the two shafts on Silent Cartographer), and Frogblast and Grimace documented it with pics and movies.
Eleet Ops Faction Hitching a Ride on a Pelican 27 February 2002
Another unexpected pelican ride... and the answer to where a scenery piece comes from.
Metafire Outside the Maw 27 February 2002
Eleet Ops Faction turned in a One-Shot showing an Outside Maw exploration. Someone asked "how?" Frogblast and Grimace happily experimented, showing some nice Sentinel Surfing along the way.
Metafire/Dark Angel § Plasma Bounce 28 February 2002
Grenade plus Elevator equals weird physics!
Metafire Painting the Sky with the Blood of an Elite 28 February 2002
Once again, Metafire (aka Frogblast) shows that taking a Halo glitch and pushing it to its limits can provide hours of entertainment. Covenant Pinball, anyone?
Legolas/Bonk Stealing Rockets on Sidewinder 28 February 2002
Get extra ammo (and weapons) in a hurry on Sidewinder, using this pretty nifty trick!
Metafire Warthogs at the Beginning and End of AotCR 4 March 2002
Grenades can help you put a Warthog at the very start and the very end of Assault on the Control Room - Have Hog, Will Travel.
Metafire Warthog on the Pillar in AotCR 4 March 2002
In the middle of Assault on the Control Room, there's a large tower with a landing pad on top of it. Bungie used it for a Banshee... Frogblast used it for a Warthog.
Metafire Banshee Switch 4 March 2002
An astounding display of Sack - two players switch Banshees in midair.
Metafire The Top of the Maw 7 March 2002
Even with a timer running, there's time to climb off the map on the Maw and explore the interesting exterior of the Pillar of Autumn.
Metafire/NthDegree256 Vent Blood 7 March 2002
NthDegree256 discovered an interesting bug in the Maw - Frogblast documented it.
Metafire Ghost Lines 7 March 2002
Some rather odd reflections on the Pillar of Autumn - where are those coming from?
Slayer31 All Vehicles on top of Sidewinder 8 March 2002
Everything - tanks included - off the map on Sidewinder. Whoa!
Metafire Library Exploration: Climbing Back Down 13 March 2002
Getting to the very bottom of the Library - it's not as easy as it looks. There's some pretty strange stuff going down, though...
Metafire 343 Guilty Spark at Rest 13 March 2002
What's that little guy doing when he's not leading you to your doom, or trying to blow up the galaxy? Well... he spins a lot.
brad/Metafire Lights and Loading Zones 13 March 2002
brad discovered an interesting glitch in the Maw - Frogblast documented it. (Sound familiar?)
Gabe Harris/Metafire Bridge of Bodies on Silent Cartographer 13 March 2002
Gabe Harris found a bizarre forcefield effect around some trees - he had a bit of trouble with the pics, though, so Frogblast helped out.
Åstro Wraith Flipping 14 March 2002
Ever wonder just how strong the Master Chief really is? Watch what he can do to a wraith...
Cal Up High on Wizard 14 March 2002
Just an example of where you can get with some rocket jumping on the multiplayer level Wizard.
Amechwarrior/Metafire Telefragging 18 March 2002
Ever gotten the message 'You were telefragged' in multiplay? Here's why.
Bonk Broken Teleporter 18 March 2002
Here's a way to reroute one of the teleporters on Sidewinder. The next step - see if this can be done anywhere else. :)
CanadianMonk3y/Metafire Magical Teleporting Elite 18 March 2002
There's an Elite on AotCR who wants to get into his Banshee, no matter what - even if you move it. These guys caught him in the act.
Metafire Halfway Frozen in AotCR 18 March 2002
An almost-frozen elite... and a bizarre closed Banshee. Wonga.
pete_the_duck On Top of Halo (Part 2) 20 March 2002
Up on top of Halo - in an area not yet documented. Nice sniping!
pete_the_duck Above the Truth and Reconciliation 20 March 2002
Looking DOWN on the Truth and Reconciliation... or what there is of it. The emperor has no clothes!
Scott Kelly Upstanding Warthog on Halo 20 March 2002
We've seen vehicles on their noses before... but never on THIS level.
brad Unlimited Ammo 26 March 2002
brad found an interesting little glitch which easily provides you unlimited ammo on the weapon of your choice... with a few restrictions.
CanadianMonk3y/Metafire Speedy Banshees 26 March 2002
Whoa - a way to get completely OUT of Keyes... in a super-fast Banshee, to boot.
pete_the_duck/Metafire Pushing the Limits of Grenade Jumping 26 March 2002
Frogblast takes a trick explained by another trickster... and runs with it. (Or rather... flies with it.)
xbill Below Halo's Light Bridge 26 March 2002
We've seen pictures from below the Light Bridge on Halo before (check the One-Shots section), but now you can see how it was done - with a slick little vid and some step-by-step instructions.
Metafire Pillar of Autumn: Cryo B Exploration 26 March 2002
Goodness - the first step to getting to the bridge of the Pillar of Autumn... from the OUTSIDE.
Barnolde Mr. T Man 26 March 2002
Barnolde managed to trigger some bizarre activity on the part of the Marines... what, exactly, are they doing?
Barnolde Drunk Driver 28 March 2002
On Halo, one of the Covenant dropship pilots (consistently) misses a cliff... we caught him on tape. (Where's his license?)
Metafire Two Betrayals Bridge Door Exploration 30 March 2002
Challenged by a forumgoer, Frogblast tries to get where nobody's ever gone... successfully. There's some interesting stuff in Two Betrayals, behind those locked doors...
Metafire Pillar of Autumn: Cryo B Exploration Part 2 1 April 2002
Part 2 of the PoA Exploration - more exploration of weird areas you shouldn't be in.
Metafire Pillar of Autumn: Cryo B Exploration Part 3 1 April 2002
Part 3 of the PoA Exploration - a step-by-step guide to getting out.
Metafire Pillar of Autumn: Cryo B Exploration Part 4 1 April 2002
Part 2 of the PoA Exploration - once you're out, how to touch Halo. (It's a lot smaller than the one you play on...)
pete_the_duck More Halo Tricks 3 April 2002
A bunch of oddities on Halo - Light Bridge stuff, lots of warthogs, falling off the map.
pete_the_duck Dropship Riding on Silent Cartographer 3 April 2002
Ever wondered what happened if you timed a Warthog Jump to coincide with a Pelican leaving the scene? Pete found out...
pete_the_duck Silent Cartographer - Boredom 3 April 2002
Just oddness down in the shaft - messin' with the chief and all...
Warbow The Floor of the Maw Jump 4 April 2002
Using a Warthog to get to the bottom of the Maw Gap area.
Masta Chief Sideways Banshee 4 April 2002
The last of the vehicles to be photographed on end...
CrazyIvan Green Smoke 4 April 2002
That teleporter glow actually flakes off!
NFL246 Sniping and Hiding on Battle Creek 4 April 2002
More of a tip than a trick... but you can see some good sniping areas on Battle Creek, and some of them require some tricky access.
Been Mawed Cool Marine/Warthog Glitch (double plus fun) 4 April 2002
An uber-cool glitch discovered on Silent Cartographer - those marines will get in that Warthog, even if it means flying!
Geeoff Sidewinder Cheat 4 April 2002
A trick that's been mentioned before... but it's never been filmed, and it's pretty cool!
Been Mawed Stacking for Fun and Profit (and Height) 4 April 2002
Stacking up marines is a good way to reach high places. Not unknown... but unsubmitted, until now!
RonDay Exploring the Gap in the Maw 4 April 2002
Warbow went down... RonDay went UP! Checking out the light fixtures in the Maw.
Been Mawed Above the Halo Waterfall 4 April 2002
Above the first waterfall on Halo - some truly lovely views.
Large Unit Warthog on Halo's Lower Bridge 4 April 2002
A Warthog, sitting on the LOWER bridge at the start of Halo. What WILL they think of next?
Tango6 Pelican Experimentation (from the inside) 11 April 2002
Playing around with Pelicans... what you can see when you get inside. (Inside the cockpit, not just the cargo bay.)
xbill Shaft Challenge 11 April 2002
There's a small room you can see across the Shaft in Silent Cartographer... it's above you, but xbill put himself inside. Frogblast wasn't home.
xbill EliteSpeak 12 April 2002
An amazing little bit of detective work... now we know who those Elites REALLY are.
RonDay Outside the Box 12 April 2002
RonDay found this weird little glitch on Pillar of Autumn - the shield recharger doesn't actually NEED you!
NFL246 Control Room Exploration on Two Betrayals 12 April 2002
Plenty of people have flown around the Control Room in a Banshee... but nobody's sent us pics of places you can get out before.
Been Mawed Light Bridge Games 12 April 2002
If you return to the Light Bridge after you've crossed it, you'll find it off... that didn't stop these guys.
SaTaN/Bonk The Easy Way out of Sidewinder 12 April 2002
Inspired by a forum post, Bonk shows, step by step, how to get off the map on Sidewinder - with one man, one Ghost, and no explosives.
Various Locked Door Antics on Silent Cartographer 18 April 2002
How to get through the locked door on Silent Cartographer... and much more. Bonus movies!
Reckless Angel/Metafire Three Weapons in PoA 19 April 2002
An amazing glitch - in this particular circumstance, it is possible (nay, simple, if you know what you're doing) to get three weapons simultaneously on Pillar of Autumn. Full instructions inside.
LeAtHeRnEcK Spinning Sentinel 19 April 2002
A tiny movie (243k) showing a strange little glitch - one of the sentinels seems to have gotten a flea under its collar. LeAtHeRnEcK can be found in our Fan Fiction section, as well. Movie is in .wmv format.
SnypeRo & Sphere Wall Shooting 19 April 2002
Another example (the last, I think, that we'll post) of the 'Blood Vent' phenomenon - when these metal walls are shot, in the right circumstances the residue can look like blood.
Metafire On Top of the Blue Beam Tower 19 April 2002
Turns out it's NOT just one of those blue beams that can kill - but more fun, you can actually get on TOP of the tower! (Well, Frogblast can, anyway...)
HALOMASTER/Metafire Getting Out of the Maw 19 April 2002
Die in the right place, and you respawn in a better one. Just don't mind the burns on the way...
Kuaidang Getting down From the First Bridge (redux) 19 April 2002
Doum and Pat showed how to get down from the first bridge back in February - but we've had trouble keeping their movies viewable. Kuaidang has made a much more concise one (though he does die a few times trying to make that last jump), showing a different descent - hit it right, and you're enemy-free for the rest of the level. .wmv format, zipped, 3 mb.
Kuaidang Bridge Jumping on AotCR 19 April 2002
If you descend from the first Bridge, you run the risk of hitting a locked door in the next bridge section - Kuaidang shows you a quick and easy way around the problem. .wmv format, zipped, 2.1 mb.
Terror-DC- On TOP of Blood Gulch's Tower 19 April 2002
Standing on top of the Tower in Blood Gulch - folks have been at its base for months, but i've never seen a pic from the top.
HALOVETS Getting the Warthog out of Blood Gulch 19 April 2002
Ghosts on top of Blood Gulch? Sure. People? Yep. Hogs? Not until now...
Lidch, Hud and Ziga The Start of AotCR in the Pelican 25 April 2002
Down to the bottom of the beginning of AotCR... in the Pelican. (Now it's been documented in both the Banshee and the Pelican - can anyone do it in a Ghost?)
xbill Two Betrayals Wraith Driver Sniping 25 April 2002
Take out that Elite Wraith driver... BEFORE he gets in and starts shooting!
HALOGOD/Metafire Bullet Time 25 April 2002
Slow down the action on Halo to a frame-by-frame speed... find the Hippo!
oldmano'theC Weird Sounds on Truth&Recon 25 April 2002
Haunted sounds... but you need to find a quiet spot.
Various Fun with Cutscenes 25 April 2002
What happens when you kill MC, just as you're entering a cutscene? Weird stuff.
Geeoff Even Higher on Blood Gulch 25 April 2002
Lots of people have gotten out of Blood Gulch... but most have used explosives. Not Geeoff!
Various Warthogs and Towers... 27 April 2002
A warthog in the tower... a warthog ON the tower. And a nice little movie showing how to get one there.
Geeoff Putting a Scorpion on the Blood Gulch Base 27 April 2002
Finally - a movie showing an easy way to put a Scorpion on top of the Blood Gulch base. Now maybe that mail will slow down...
Nemesis_007 Temporary Invincibility 27 April 2002
A glitch with some SERIOUS multiplayer potential - how to rocketjump (or grenadejump) but take ZERO damage.
xbill AotCR First Bridge Descent - SOLO 27 April 2002
Climbing down from that first bridge in AotCR. Been there, done that, right? Not like this. Solo, no explosives. Elegant.
Team Overkill Double Jumping 27 April 2002
Filmed on Hang 'em High... but relevant EVERYWHERE. Need an extra little 'oomph' when you're trying to jump? Here you go.
Team Overkill Who is Shooting? 27 April 2002
A weird little mystery...
NFL246/jackets28 Off the Map: Battle Creek 30 April 2002
Finally - completely off the map on Battle Creek! It had to happen... these guys got some nice views!
Been Mawed All over the top of Blood Gulch 30 April 2002
Lots of people have played up in Blood Gulch's Tower - and a little bit above it. Now the entire top has been mapped! These guys took some gorgeous pics... and plotted out the highest point on Blood Gulch.
Peters/Tango6 Hidden Room in Chiron 11 May 2002
An exploit of a recent trick can put you in a nice little hidey-hole, perfectly set up for some easy rocket kills.
xbill More Light Bridge Antics 11 May 2002
Getting back to the first half of Halo... AFTER the light bridge has disappeared. WITH a 'hog.
Cabal 3/4/02 11 May 2002
We've seen 3 weapons on Pillar of Autumn... NO weapons on Pillar of Autumn... now we've got 3 weapons for 2 players on Pillar of Autumn. Maximum exploitation...
Various Clipping for Fun and Profit 11 May 2002
An exploration of a glitch whose consequences range from novelties to the seriously practical. Three tricks in one!
IanD/Metafire/xbill Multiple Grenade Jumping 30 July 2002
A pretty cool implementation of a previously-discovered trick... we could map with this!
Metafire The Maw Slide 30 July 2002
The easiest way, by far, out of a level.
Metafire Avoiding Checkpoints 30 July 2002
Yes, you can avoid checkpoints. You might not always want to, but sometimes it's pretty handy...
Metafire Co-op, a Rock, and a Hog 30 July 2002
Hollow Rocks. Cool.
xbill Hunter Air 30 July 2002
Lots of people can warthog-jump... hunter-jumping is a little tougher. (Warthogs tend not to charge you.)
Metafire Mapping Silent Cartographer 30 July 2002
Astounding what you can do with some patience, and care... the mapmaking limits of Silent Cartographer have been probed.
Metafire Out of the Maw III 30 July 2002
Yet ANOTHER way out of the Maw - turn your butt to the door, and...
Metafire Master Chief Flipping 30 July 2002
I'm STILL looking for Snuffy each time I see this.
Metafire Big White Ball of Sparks 30 July 2002
Jerry Lee Lewis woulda LOVED this trick.
Metafire The Second Floor of the Maw Hangar 30 July 2002
Froggy never did explain how he got up there...
pete_the_duck/Metafire The 'Hunterapult' 31 July 2002
Looking for a weapons/vehicles-free method of getting to the top of Silent Cartographer? Look no further!
pete_the_duck Exploring 343 Guilty Spark 31 July 2002
Folks have gotten to the top of 343 Guilty Spark before... but this particular area hasn't been documented...
[DDD]hack313 Shaving time off your Library Run 31 July 2002
If you're trying a timed run of the Library, this tip might actually save you a little time.
pete_the_duck Exploring Keyes 31 July 2002
On TOP of Keyes... with some great pics.
Warbow Evel Knievel Rides Again 31 July 2002
How far can you go in a vehicle... WITHOUT explosives?
NFL246/Metafire Battle Creek: How to Get off the map 31 July 2002
Older tricks showed some footage from the top of Battle Creek - this trick shows you how to get there yourself.
Metafire/DaNewb Strange Glitch in Level Two 9 August 2002
Here's what happens when you line up too many things in one row...
xbill Load Point Bypass (and more) 9 August 2002
Nobody's ever BYPASSED a loading point before - coop players on both sides of one... plus some pretty cool xray views of Silent Cartographer.
xbill/Halo-Wannabe Grenade Snuffing 9 August 2002
Turns out you can put a grenade out, like a cigarette... weird.
Robo42786 Inside the Warthog - REALLY Inside 9 August 2002
Clipping again - this time, someone's inside a VEHICLE, not a wall. Not practical, but you can get some pretty nice closeups.
MasterOmok The Swimming Grunt 14 August 2002
Turn a grunt the wrong way, and he'll change his medium... sort of.
Wizco/Destr0yer Another way out of Blood Gulch 14 August 2002
Yet another way Off the Map in Blood Gulch - takes a Ghost and nothing else, and it hasn't been documented yet.
Bonk Teleport Fun 14 August 2002
This sort of skill deserves recognition.
Dark Helmet On Top of Halo 9 October 2002
A series of movies, showing (concisely) how to get to the area of Halo overlooking the initial escape pod (on both sides). Contains very good info for those trying later tricks, like Frogblast's Bottom of Halo stuff (not posted here yet).
99octane Flying Sarge 9 October 2002
One last 'frozen stuff' stunt. Yes, the category is closed. I just found this hilarious.
MasterOmok Loading a Teleporter 9 October 2002
A bizarre collision detection glitch. Not sure how this is useful... but it's pretty funny to see!
Lennox/Warbow Banshee Attack on Cortana 9 October 2002
Sometimes, when you bring things to places Bungie never expected them to be, you discover attributes that you never thought characters had. Who knew Cortana could be attacked physically?
The Mad Bunny #CP#W A Warthog on a Dropship 9 October 2002
Playin' around on top of a Covenant dropship...
Dark Helmet Dancing Marines 9 October 2002
Crash a few hogs, and you can end up with some pretty weird situations...