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Which map would you like to see again?

On December 6, 2004, Max Hoberman suggested in an interview at MLGPro.com that Bungie might be willing to remake an original Halo netmap for Halo 2, released as downloadable content - except that there didn't seem to be a consensus about which map to make. Hawaiian Pig (with thanks to XLNC) took the initiative and posted a poll on our forum - but there was no way to stop ballot-stuffing, and a real sense for what the community wanted wasn't coming out. For that reason, we're setting this up here - go ahead and pick your favorite!

HBO Poll
Which Map Would You Like To See Return For Halo 2?
Hang 'em High 2909
Sidewinder 2376
Damnation 708
Chill Out 658
Death Island 604
Prisoner 317
Timberland 201
Danger Canyon 195
Boarding Action 193
Ice Fields 171
Longest 130
Rat Race 105
Wizard 105
Chiron 92
Gephyrophobia 81
Infinity 78
Derelict 53

Total Votes: 8976