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Halo news back Sunday, March 27, 2005 Halo news forward

The Avenger
trigger119 writes to point out The Avenger, a new machinima film from Vypers.net. Currently you can grab a trailer in either DivX (13.8 mb) or MPEG1 (10.4 mb) formats from their website. (Louis Wu 23:18:59 UTC) (permalink)


GT 15 - A Modded LAN
GTJuggler filmed a modded LAN recently - the result is up on the Halo GT website. We've tossed up some mirrors for him, for both his QuickTime version (50.3 mb, mythica.org | bungie.org) and a WMP9 version (34.4 mb, bungie.org | mythica.org) (There's a medium-res QT on his site we haven't mirrored.) Pump up the weapons! (Louis Wu 15:21:04 UTC) (permalink)


Hehe - I've seen people playing with the gas tanks on Metropolis before... but I've never seen anyone try to RIDE them. Hats off to Motherstooth! (Louis Wu 14:30:57 UTC) (permalink)


Floor Wax... or Dessert Topping?
Mat Noguchi talked a little bit about the decision to write your own code, or incorporate an existing package... and he talked about how sound guys are friendlier than code guys. Go read his weblog. Thanks, Cybrfrk. (Louis Wu 14:20:32 UTC) (permalink)


Saturday's news in brief:

Delta Squad Ep 3 Trailer
Amateur Online league at MLG filling up
Anti-Cheating Website
Halo Action Figure Auction
TheGhost's Halo 2 Montage
What were they thinking?
Halo 2v2 (plus racing stuff) in NY
Pimp it
Not So Common Sense - Coming Soon
The return of an old favorite
Last Stand IA 1

Friday's news in brief:

How I Saved Christmas
A home for your toys
Videogame Violence Feedback
Hahaha... get in line.
Three Pundred.
DLC Screenshots
Downloadable Content - Solid News
Works for everyone else...
E3 Opportunities

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