They're Random, Baby!

The Names Behind The Voices

Ever wonder who said what? If you check the Halo Manual, you'll see a list of Voice Talent credits in the back... but there are no characters associated with the names. Long-time Bungie fans might be able to pick up one or two (Pete Stacker, the voice of Captain Keyes, was also Griffin, head of the TCTF in Oni, for example)... but the rest are enigmas. Or they were... until now. Thanks to Marty O'Donnell, who graciously filled us in on who's who in Halo. HBO comments are in purple.
Keny Boynton Cryo Tech, Crazy Marine
Tim Dadabo 343 Guilty Spark
Mark Dias PFC Mendoza
Steve Downes Master Chief
Tod Licea Cryo Assist and various crashing dropship pilots
Mike Madeoy PFC Besenti ['Mira, a Mark V!']
Andy Mckaige PFC Chips Dubbo [the Aussie]
Tawnya Pettiford-Waites Pilot of E-419 (Foe Hammer)
Pete Stacker Keyes and Sarge2 - the one who says - "I would have been your daddy ... (fill in the rest if you're a true fan)"
Jeff Steitzer Voice of God multiplayer announcer
Jen Taylor Cortana
Chris Wicklund PFC Jenkins [helmet-cam-man]
David Scully Sergeant Johnson/Elites
Brian Morden "The Autumn - she's been hit!" [otherwise known as *Ar-Isildur of *WP*]
Plus Bungie Folk... most notable:
Dave Dunn Scared Crewmen "help me help you" etc.
Chris Carney "...they're just tearin' through us!"
Joe Staten grunts
Marty O'Donnell Jackals, Hunters, and all things flood
and of course the incomparable performance of Matt Soell as Crewman 1. There were also a few odds and ends of other crewmen or soldiers done by various Bungie actors but none had that "stand out" quality of Crewman 1. We're thinking of doing an entirely new game, a prequel, that traces the childhood and heroic life of Crewman 1 prior to his tragic and premature demise in Halo, starring of course the voice of Matt Soell. As a matter of fact - did Crewman 1 really die? Hmmm.....
[Some of you might remember Crewman 1... some of you might not. The latter are luckier.]

Halo 2 Update

On June 3, 2006, Marty O'Donnell pinned down the voices for Halo 2 - specifically to make it easier to identify individual speakers for the Dialogue Databank. You rock, Marty!

Keith David Arbiter
Ken Boyton Brute Bloodthirsty
Chris Edgerly Brute Cruel
Marty O'Donnell Bugger, Flood (all forms), Hunter, Jackal
Norm Woodel Elite Dogmatic
David Scully Elite Loose, Sgt. Johnson
Joseph Staten Grunt Crazy
Brian Posehn Grunt Dopey
Miguel Ferrer Heretic Leader
Steve Downes Master Chief
Andy McKage Marine Aussie (Chips Dubbo)
David Cross Marine Cross
Tim Dadabo Marine Perez
Laura Prepon Marine Sassy
John Kassir Marine Timid
Michelle Rodriguez Marine Tough
Julie Benz Miranda
Robin Atkin Downes Prophet of Regret
Orlando Jones Sgt. Cautious (Sgt. Jones)
Pete Stacker Sgt. Gruff (Sgt. Stacker)
Robert Davi SpecOps Commander
Kevin Michael Richardson Tartarus
Ken Boynton Master Gunns