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Red vs Blue in the Wall Street Journal

On April 9, 2004, the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page article on the Red vs. Blue team, complete with pictures; they garnered the entire 4th column of the front page, and a couple of columns on page A6. (Not bad, guys!) Fans were quick to send in ways for people to read this article; we couldn't put up scans before the print copy was off the shelves, but the beauty of a daily paper is that it doesn't take very long.

If you read this right away, Jon Keegan provided a link that works for non-subscribers for a week after the article's publication date on the WSJ website. (After that point, you'll need a WSJ Online login to read the full article.) We also, however, received a PDF of the online version (207K) (thanks, typ993) and a scan of the print version in three parts:

(thanks, Black Six) It's clear that RvB has made the big time...

There's a large thread in the Red vs Blue Sponsors forum that you can contribute to if you're a sponsor.