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Transcript of dialogue from Halo 2 Trailer

Thanks to ElectricSheep, Cunbelin, and everyone else who chimed in to this thread.

Pilot: "Sir! They just folded in--inside our formation!"
Admiral: "Son, I need you to calm down."
Pilot: "...look, additional contacts - moving to engage [static]"
Admiral: "[obliterated by static] ...and get your picket back to rally point Alpha."

General: "Admiral, you can't let them maintain orbit."
Admiral: "I'm trying, general, but we've lost advantage within the lunar perimeter."

Admiral: "My frigates are combat ineffective, and the fighters... they don't have enough punch to take out a Covenant assault carrier."
General: "Your pilots let up, and down here its the goddamned apocalypse!"

General: "I'm asking you to retarget the orbitals!"
Admiral: "And let more of them slip the kill zone? That's insanity!"
Admiral: "There's nothing more I can do!"

Pilot: "The core defense is too intense. Our grid is maxed, I don't think we can last another run!"
Cortana: "Admiral, tell your men to hold their positions. Reinforcements are on the spoke."
Admiral: "The entire fleet is engaged, Cortana. With respect, what the hell sort of reinforcement have you got?"
Tech: "It's passing below your position ma'am. proximity zero ."

Cortana: "What if you miss...?"
Master Chief: "I wont."