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The Hall of Murals

On the Halo 2 Limited Edition DVD, there is a cutscene which was deleted - or, more accurately, changed radically to fit into the game. One of the things that was left on the cutting room floor was 'The Hall of Murals' - a collections of images depicting the seven major epochs in the evolution of the Covenant. 7he One did a good job of pulling these images out so that folks can see and discuss them; they're labeled here according to Joseph Staten's information to our Story page. (Thanks to Walshicus, as well, for his help in reducing filesize.)

We have no official word at this time about whether the labels we added to the murals do, in fact, match the murals we added them to. Do NOT take this as canon. Thanks.

Update, 28 January 2005: In response to the question "are these titles correct?", Joe Staten replied:

Correct enough :')

Use that as you choose to.

Update, 5 February 2005: Walshicus decided to submit colored versions of these tablets, beginning with this forum post. We'll add his versions as they appear.

Update, 23 January 2006: Se7en One began creating 3D video versions of the tablets - we'll add his versions as they appear.

Tablet1 Tablet2 Tablet3 Tablet4
659x844 | 58K
Age(s) of Abandonment
Color (902x1630 | 102K)
Video: WMP9|QT (4mb)
659x844 | 65K
Age(s) of Conflict
Color (930x1624 | 91K)
Video: WMP9|QT (3.3mb)
614x871 | 71K
Age(s) of Reconciliation
Color (956x1652 | 112K)
Video: WMP9|QT (4mb)
631x783 | 56K
Age(s) of Discovery
Color (1066x1480 | 88K)
Video: WMP9|QT (3.5mb)

Tablet5 Tablet6 Tablet1  
631x830 | 27K
Age(s) of Conversion
Color (1120x1534 | 34K)
Video: WMP9|QT (3.1mb)
600x924 | 25K
Age(s) of Doubt
Color (974x1366 | 20K)
642x954 | 43K
Age(s) of Reclamation
Color (968x1598 | 47K)

Originally posted 26 January on the HBO forum.

Tablet 5 updated 27 January 2005 by 7he One - original was missing a ring by oversight.