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Halo 2 Dialogue Snippets

Halo had over 5000 dialogue snippets in it - Halo 2 has 3 times that many. That doesn't stop dedicated fans from attempting to catalogue them all. Beginning on November 15, Captain Spark began sending in snippets from the game, collected with as little background noise as possible. As in the first game, we will accept submissions from anyone, with the same proviso we used for the Halo Dialogue Databank. And, as before, if someone submits a better version of an existing clip, we'll substitute it for the one we have - but the original submitter will retain credit. (This hasn't been a problem in the past - here's hoping it's not one in the future, either.) Subsections will be added as needed. Please mail submissions to halotalk@bungie.org.

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1. All submissions are given with the knowledge that the clips are freely available for use in any OTHER fan creation - barring those that violate Bungie's copyrights, of course. If a submitter wants to limit how his clips can be used by others, we actually don't want them in the database. Submitters get full credit for extracting the sounds from the game - but relinquish all rights to the clips past that. This disclaimer is being added solely because we don't want fights to break out if a submitter isn't happy with the way his clip is used by another site visitor submitting, say, a Flash animation. If you think you will have trouble accepting the fact that others are using the clips to make fan creations for the community - don't submit.

Snippets of terminal Added on September 13, 2006

Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A child's My Pet Blind Wolf stuffed toy has been found. Will the owner please claim it at the lost and found. mp3 terminal 84K 9/13/06 Jordan117
All passengers are advised to wait in designated areas only. mp3 terminal 50K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Always use overhead walkway when crossing tracks. mp3 terminal 44K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Attention passengers: the Old Mombasa 4:18 is running several minutes ahead of schedule. mp3 terminal 98K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Attention: inbound train. Attention: inbound train. mp3 terminal 60K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Children must be monitored at all times. Do not leave children unattended in station. mp3 terminal 69K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Due to security restrictions, the following stations will not be in service until further notice: Liwitoni, Kilindini, Manyimbo, Nyali, Mtongwe. We appreciate your patience. mp3 terminal 160K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Janitorial please report to parking level 2 with a mop and bucket. Janitorial to parking level 2. mp3 terminal 73K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Mind the gap. mp3 terminal 20K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Mr. Jones to the white phone, please. Mr. Jones to the white phone. mp3 terminal 58K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Parking on Station Plaza is prohibited. mp3 terminal 38K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Passengers connecting to Orbital Shuttle Hub board westbound trains. mp3 terminal 48K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Please be aware of incoming trains, and stand clear of the tracks until trains have come to a full stop. mp3 terminal 110K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Please note: online fare increases will be in effect April 19th. mp3 terminal 60K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Possession of firearms at any transit facility is a federal offense. mp3 terminal 78K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Safety is everyone's responsibility mp3 terminal 45K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Security warning: track section 27 to 45. Please dispatch security detail. mp3 terminal 134K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Smoking is prohibited at all transit facilities. mp3 terminal 43K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Thank you for riding with New Mombasa Transit. For any questions or concerns, please contact the transit hotline. mp3 terminal 88K 9/13/06 Jordan117
The New Mombasa Transit Authority asks all customers to be aware of their surroundings. If you see any suspicious activity, or unattended packages, please call the New Mombasa transit security hotline. mp3 terminal 140K 9/13/06 Jordan117
The station cafeteria is now open. Today's specials feature Bentllama Burgers, Phlegm Brulee, and Scooter Pie. mp3 terminal 92K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Upon request, all passengers are required to present their valid transit pass to Transit Authority personnel. mp3 terminal 87K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Warning: for safety and comfort, passengers should be in good health, and free from heart, back, or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by high-speed rail travel. mp3 terminal 205K 9/13/06 Jordan117
Welcome to Station 7: Liwitoni. Please refer to video monitors for current information. mp3 terminal 92K 9/13/06 Jordan117