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Faceplate Finalists

Took longer than we expected... but there were 1000 entries to sort through. Judges went through all entries, and picked their favorites - and then the 'favorites' were merged into a 'finalists' category, from which a pair of winners was picked. Congratulations to Hawaiian Pig and Wheels, our two winners - and to our honorable mentions, and indeed to everyone who participated! Artists will be displayed below each image when displayed at full size. (The bigger your browser window, the bigger the version you'll see; they resize to fit your screen.)


Hawaiian Pig Wheels
Boomstick? Boombox. This submission was created with the help of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Details from the flamethrower were found from various sources (HGN, Halo PC, etc.) and designed entirely from scratch in the programs listed above.

Honorable Mentions

McGrude Dr. Nick
Hawaiian Pig Erik von Whipperman
Ray Ryan McNicholl
LatinKing 007 Pinkuh Lady Owl (Michelle R.) Ian S. (Darkneshasfallen) BOLL BOLL

All entries, in QuickTime format (one frame per second - download these movies and step through them to see each image):

horizontal, 463 plates, 27.6 mb | vertical, 485 plates, 24.4 mb

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