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Frank Carradine: Haloween Elite Armor

Frank Carradine lives in Ohio, and has been creating Halo outfits for a while. He built a red Spartan suit last year, and won a contest with it. (He also built a Predator costume years ago.) This year, he decided to build a Gold Elite. Here's what he says about it:

It's made of clear lexan, some 1/4" thick some very thin (1/16"), a ton of epoxy and grey foam sheets. It has 30 batteries, about 60-70 mini-led lights, some green, yellow, purple, and white. It took me 1000 hours over 1 years time. It has a ipod, amp, speakers, and sounds of halo 1 + 2 elite's voices. It cost me about $1200.00 in materials. The rare earth magnets I used alone cost me $360.00. It has 3 cooling fans - big ones, not the micro sized ones. It's 8 feet tall so that its master chief scaled sized.

I built it because i respect the game and its makers... and a gold elite is pretty cool too.

He wore it to a packed club this weekend, and won money with it - but it was damaged. He's working to repair it; he should be finished within a week or two. (We're posting this just before Halloween, 2007.) He's also planning on adding padding to the thigh armor so that it juts up a bit more, like real Elite armor does. If he sends more pictures, we'll post them here.

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