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7 on the 7th

Seven on the Seventh Contest Results (4)

Original contest is here.

Below, you'll find the 7 winning images from our 7 on the 7th "Put Mister Chief in an Old Bungie Game" contest - each of these entries won their creator a code to the Xbox Live Arcade game Marathon: Durandal, courtesy of Freeverse. Good stuff!

Click the thumbs for larger versions. Once larger versions have loaded, you can navigate by clicking on them (to select the next image), mousing over the image (which should bring up 'Next' and 'Previous' tabs), or using the 'N' (for Next) and 'P' (for 'Previous') keys on your keyboard. You can close the images by clicking the marked spot, or with the 'C' key.

Mister Chief playing GNOP!, by Omega Labyronithon, by Kanbo Mister Chief 2, by Trunks
Mister Chief Goes to Durandal, by RougeHippo Volunteers, by Otto Mossberg Mister Chief, by Julie
Pimp at Sea, by Captain Jack

This page was posted on September 7, 2007.