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Only Hope...
Posted By: Nighfall<skyborn727@gmail.com>
Date: 13 October 2015, 9:00 pm

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"WAIT!" the female Spartan howled. She was too late to grab her friend's hand before she charged off in the undergrowth. "BLOODGUST!" She only watched the other Spartan's red form melt away.
"Come on, Nightfall!" the voice was barely audible. Nightfall looked at the trampled ferns, growled, then charged after her. She brushed the branches out of her visor, her breath coming in ragged gasps. "Bloodgust!" She stopped, nearly falling over with fatigue. "She'd better not have found that Elite base." She panted, forcing herself to stand straight. Putting her index and middle fingers against the side of her helmet, she scanned the area for human life. When her visor displayed the phrase: "Negative", Nightfall scowled. Where did she go? Where could she have gone to? Nightfall forced her legs to move again, as she staggered through the undergrowth. Bloodgust's footprints were no more by the time she had reached the start of the Elite base. She shook her head, fear tearing at her stomach. She hated Elites, and now, she was growing a hate for her friend. "You better not be in there." She proceeded cautiously, heart pounding, breath ragged. She crouched down, ducking behind a large rock, as an Elite passed by, plasma rifle by his side. She watched him go by, grabbing her sniper rifle. She made sure the crosshairs lined up with his head, then squeezed the trigger.
The bullet pierced his head, his skull exploding. He cried out for only a second, before his brain exploded with his head. He fell to the dirt, blueish blood spilling everywhere.
"What was that?" a demanding voice snarled.
"I think one of our own is dead," another voice declared.
"Well go check it out!" The first voice ordered. "Now!"
Nightfall scowled, quickly moving from her spot. Best not to be noticed, she thought, rolling away. She kept her ears open for the sound of footsteps.
She froze when she swore she heard the Chief's voice. That's not possible, she convinced herself. He's gone AWHOL. Locke said so.
But she couldn't help but to feel that it might actually be him. She had only met him once and she was thoroughly intimidated by him. In a good way. She proceeded to find some cover nearby the base, one ear open for Bloodgust. Heart thudding, blood pulsing, close to fainting, she forced her legs to move. Her battle rifle and sniper rifle was strapped to her back, as she had to constantly use her hands to keep her balance. What was wrong with her? She's had to infiltrate Elite bases before, what was making her so nervous. Bloodgust. Her partner was filling her with anxiety. And a hell of a lot of annoyance and anger. She paused briefly to peer behind her. There was no sign of any Elite patrols.
"Search the perimeter!" the Commander ordered. "There's a human lose in the base!"
Great, she thought. She pressed her back against the rock she had found cover behind. She took her helmet off, panting and wiping the sweat off of her forehead. She quickly put it back on.
Then, she heard a piercing female shriek.
It sounded like Bloodgust.
And it made Nightfall want to throw up.
"Over here!" an Elite hollered, at the spot where she had stood before. The thundering of Elite feet sounded uncomfortably close. She held her breath, slowly and quietly reached for her battle rifle.
"Is it the human?" one demanded.
"It has to be," the one who warned the others said. "Those footprints don't look like ours."
"It could be a trap," another voice chimed in.
"There's only one of them here, we have the other," the first voice snarled. "That human won't go far with that broken leg."
Nightfall's stomach churned. From that little bit of that conversation, she realized that her partner's leg was broken. Broken leg would slow them down when she found her. She slowly stood up, her scope to her visor. She singled out the outlier of the bunch. Three bullets pierced the lower part of his neck and he let out a gurgled scream. He clutched the back of his neck, blue blood welling from the wound. His comrades paid him no mind. Nightfall sprang out, tackling him. The two rolled into the forest, Nightfall ending up on top. She held her gun to the side of his head, panting. "Where is Bloodgust?"
"I won't…tell you," he managed to growl. "She's locked away, where you wo-" His words were cut off by the increased pressure she applied to his throat. She kept her fingers wrapped around his throat.
"I suggest you tell me," she snarled, curling her finger around the trigger. "Unless you want your friends to find you headless."

To be Continued