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LORC: ONI Priority Transmission
Posted By: HWPD<Disaster.nick@gmail.com>
Date: 27 February 2016, 6:27 am

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Office of Naval Intelligence Priority Transmission 55479D-91
Encryption Code: BLACK
Public Key: File/Feros-Beta-Charlie/
From: Field Officer 221-558H
To: COL. Hartford. Office of Naval Intelligence. Section Three. UNSCMID: 5584573 
Subject: Recovered Documents
Classification: RESTRICTED (BGX Directive) 

/Start File/ 

January 24, 2554 (Military Calendar)
Field Report V7746-ONI.Recovery 
Subject: CCS-Class Battlecruiser Analysis. Loc: 45.63325 N 124.71130 W
Reporting Officer: LT. F. D. Ramirez. ONI Field Officer 221-558H

Examination of the assumed CCS-Class Battlecruiser has show that has an extremely modified design. Many of the weapon ports were closed off and replaced with sensors, and much of the lower decks were modified with large cargo holds. Current understanding is that this is the Covenant Science ship known as the Mercy and Betrayal, the ship that Sangheili diplomats have been requesting information on. 

Analysis of the ship's stern shows that it was disabled by a MAC round puncturing through the engine control sector. The cruiser is presumed to have tumbled into the atmosphere and crashed off the coast of Oregon, URNA. Data from the ships navigational systems show that the Shipmaster managed to steady the decent, only to tumble upside down just before landing. It is presumed that any surviving forces that were not killed on impact either suffocated or escaped and joined the Covenant forces over Seattle, on October 30. 2552.

We were also able to locate a functioning Data-hub located in one of the assumed laboratories amidship. Recovered documents show that it belonged to Covenant Scientist Naki 'Cimutee. Head of a Covenant Project, identified only as LEAU. While we were able to recover 70% of the hard data, only two of the project logs were not corrupted. 

Any attempts to recreate Project LEAU currently would be impossible as we would lack the Forerunner device necessary to synthesize needed chemicals and substances. We have Civilian Astrobiologist Mary Philips (CIN: 24680-044-MEP5834) looking through to see if there is a way around that limitation.

Will update you as things progress down here. Requesting that this location remain classified until further notice. 

Attached are the recovered log entries and data documents translated by local experts. 

/Attached File 1 of 3/

Post Examination Review [Ident: 1021355LEAU]
Encryption: 554VEla.Z
Auth:Special Operations Science Major Naki 'Cimutee. Operation Commander. Project Lead. [C-9]
Date of Log: Twenty-Fourth Solar Cycle 047 Cycles: 9th Age of Reclamation
/May 18, 2552 (Military Calender)/
After a thorough examination of the Forerunner Device [Ident: 1021126LEAU] discovered on the unnamed tropical planet [Loc:55477-55411], I am sure that the Forerunner known simply as The Scientist must have been the best in her field. She managed to compact a structure as big as a Corvette into a wrist mounted device no bigger than my forearm. A truly impossible feat, even for the Gods and their technology.

In-depth scans detect miscible micro Slipspace envelopes and a variety of fluids of unknown composition inside the casing. Samples are in the progress of being extracted through careful means. As there is a slight probability that removing the outer casing would render the Device useless as some sort of anti-tampering feature. Since this is a one-of-a-kind piece of Technology, it would be extremely unfortunate if it were to cease function.

I have also moved away from disassembling the Device for fear of exposing myself, or others, to the Slipspace envelopes. Direct contact may have unforeseen consequences I would rather not experience. [IE: Death, Dismemberment, Permanent Blindness...Entire ship imploding from vacuum created by ruptured containment field...]

As our technology is heavily based off of the Forerunner's systems. We were, or should I say; it was able to take control of my data pad as an external interface. Possible evidence of an 'Ancilla' or Associated Intelligence guiding our efforts. 

It displayed the information needed to synthesize the proper chemicals and serums to prep a subject for use with the device. According to the data, it only needs to happen once, and subsequent users will be fine without the injections. [Perhaps just applying the serums and chemicals to the Device would be sufficient] 

I was advised to send the Device to the San Shyuum relic teams; however it is my discovery, and I will not be giving it up so easily. 

I do not yet know what the test would amount to. Subjects would supposedly be turned into a different species. However class lines and so-called honor would make finding appropriate volunteers difficult.

My suggestion would be to possibly capture a handful of Humans genetically compatible with the chemicals for the Device's initial test. I have forwarded the appropriate data to the Covenant Ministry of Science for review and approval of my plan for testing.

End Log. 


/Attached File 2 of 3/
Post Experiment Log [Ident: 1021376LEAU]
Encryption: 554VEla.Z
Auth:Special Operations Science Minor Zee 'Coal. Practicing Scientist. Medical Leason [C-5]
Date of Log: Twenty-Fourth Solar Cycle, 097 Cycles: 9th Age of Reclamation 
/July 07, 2552 (Military Calender)/

Project Leau is an apparent success. 

The Device [Ident: 1021126LEAU] successfully transformed a Demon [Human], or Spartan as they call it, into a full Sangheili.

Blood analysis confirms 97.6% of DNA conversion. We expect remaining 2.4% to reduce to 0.7% within one solar cycle. Standard shipboard DNA slots found no trace of abnormal or contaminated Sangheili blood, as expected.

SpecOps Science Major 'Cimutee recommends that Subject 01 remain under her observation for at least three solar cycles and to remain tethered to the Device in case its body rejects the conversion. I do not wish to be around if that happens.

Subject 01 has been under observation since its change. I can say though...he is very… attractive. The base Sangheili DNA only contained the information for the shape, supposedly the Device converted its Human features into that of a Sangheili. Perhaps we missed some in the scrubbing process? He does not appear similar to the donor though.

After five units, he awoke. Emotional suppressants appeared to have taken effect. Subject's reaction to the transformation was relatively minor.

Current video and audio monitoring has been disabled by SpecOps Science Major Cimutee... She is now going down to the cell to to see if the language transfer was a success without alerting the San Shyuum Priest, strange. I Will test to see if Imprint system was a success after 'Cimutee gets clear.

I believe SpecOps Science Major 'Cimutee has already put this forward, but I recommend further physical examinations and blood tests in the following days.

Attached are the results of the first blood analysis and examinations.

End Log

/No attachments were found in the backup/ 

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