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The Night Waits For Us
Posted By: Flugel meister<flugel-mcdougall@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 22 February 2017, 10:41 am

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The Night Waits for Us...

Like the sick and the old,

Its breath is stale, and its nature is cold.

The night waits for us

Like the tales from beyond,

Ready to shatter every meaningful bond.

The night waits for us

with patience and hate,

Keen to ensure our destiny's fate

The night waits for us

Untold and Unforgiven,

With all sense of hope scattered and driven.

The night waits for us

Like always before,

Steels its teeth and readies its roar.

The night waits for us...

But here stands mankind,

With battle hardened Spartans that we'll stand behind.

The night arrives with its hell-blazen glory,

like the fearful sights in a horror-filled story.

But we stand firm and meet its might, and cry together

"We run no more, we fight!"

The night passes and along comes the day,

The evil vanquished and driven away.