This window is the target of all links (almost) in HBO PAL

(if you have popups blocked on this site)

In HBO PAL there are tabs on the top to change between four different pages. They are pretty self explanatory, but here is help below for a few of the features.

On tab three, the Search tab, you can check the "save as favorite" box to save the current search settings in a favorite. As it works now you can't see your favorites until you visit/refresh the tab again, there is also a limit on the amount of favorites, when the limit is reached they wont get saved anymore until you delete old ones.

On tab four, the Settings tab, you can save your name/nick and a number of HBO (forum handles) friends (or just interesting people). This will give you additional features on the Forum tab, like searching for your nick, your posts and for your friends posts, with ease.

You can export and import all your settings at the bottom the Settings tab.
If you somehow mess up your HBO PAL settings, you can reset them from this page.

There is also a guide for adding it to your active desktop in Windows XP/2000; and another guide for Windows 98.
Thanks to Nafe Rubeus for pointing out the possibility and writing the Windows 98 guide ;P

That's about it ;) ~BOLL