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Pillar of Autumn

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Hey all, as a HUGE  Halo fan, I decided to make an army to use in my favourite gamming system: Warhammer 40,000 from Games Workshop and their model range.
I wanted everything in this army with large amounts of marines and a hard ass Master Chief leading it. I set this army during the period between The fall of Reach and the point where they exit the slipstream jump at the start of the game Halo. I also encorporated the marines from earth that you see in the pelican ride from the Halo2 video at E3, calling the UNSC Stormtroopers and labeling them as "Earth's finest".
Hope you enjoy my work.

If you have any questions drop me an e-mail HERE

Frankie G

++ Receiving Transmission++
++From: Captain Keyes++
++Date: Unknown++
++Subject: Urgent Distress Call++
++Start Transmission++

This is Captain Keyes of the Pillar of Autumn, during our wormhole jump to lure off the Convenant from the path to Earth. While within the wormhole, all the crew started to notice weird changes compared to other wormhole jumps. It looks as if faces started to appear as they pressed up against the viewing ports of the ‘Autumn, ghost were reported walking the halls. And even disfigured beings labled “daemons” have already killed several officers with their fierce rage. After a week of insanity, I decided that we had to pull out of the wormhole; we had travelled far enough from Earth. When we pulled out, it had looked as if we were not in the same time, let alone the same universe, maybe a parallel universe.
We have arrived safely but unfortunately there is wars being fought everywhere. After approaching a small mining vessel crossing our path, we had been sadly informed that we had just exited “The Warp”, and that it was our only way of getting back to our own sector of space.

In this uncharted area there are countless wars going on, we have tried to stay out of the crossfire, but unfortunately we had to defend ourselves during a conflict on the planet known as Arcanacon. We don’t know how we are going to get back to Earth through The Warp, if it’s possible to get back, or even if the Convenant has multiple Armadas in this sector of space.
So far we have managed to make it out alive using all our weaponry plus some of the Convenant’s weaponry we obtained from The Reach before it fell.

+++End Transmission++

Original website was created and models painted by Frankie G
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